5 Jan 2018

Random Nerdy Thoughts

Random nerdy thoughts that I have had this week: So, the husband is playing Cuphead. I watched it for two minutes and noted that it is essentially an old Mickey Mouse cartoon only with cups. I am not necessarily against this. However, that dragon is a bitch and I would not be good at this […]

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16 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 16: Zombies

One of the things that I have clearly learned from my attempt at posting every day in November is that I am not very good at doing things every day. I may have already known that, but now I’m certain. I need to set an alarm or something. On three separate devices. Sometimes, I’m amazed […]

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27 May 2010

Geography of Baking or Why I’m Glad I Live in San Francisco

Pretty much any population will tell you that there’s some prepared food that they do better then anyone else and in fact better than anyone could do somewhere else, even if they tried.  From the bagels of New York City to the toasted ravioli of St. Louis, to the Turducken of Maurice Louisianna, every town has […]

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29 Apr 2010

Things I Geek About: Scheduling

It’s registration week at my college. What does this mean? Well it’s time for everyone to complain. The art kids complain about their six-hour studio elective blocks and four-hour critiques that prevent them from taking basically any other classes. The engineers complain about being forced to take eight in the morning sections of physics and […]

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