9 Aug 2012

Throwback Thursday: Chiral

My family is pretty super competitive. Therefore, every game we played became a race to see who could dominate the high-score boards. One of the games that I remember clearly from my childhood as one of the family favorites is this molecule connecting game: Chiral. The Basics Your job in Chiral is to build molecules […]

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2 Aug 2012

Throwback Thursday: The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

We here at Girls Are Geeks are big fans of educational games. Rosalind even designs board games for her students. I think a lot of that started with the games we had growing up. I remember learning how to add from Math Muncher and reading comprehension from Alien Tales (which I might have to do […]

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26 Jul 2012

Throwback Thursday: Mille Bornes

I grew up in a gaming family. We always had board games, and card games, and computer games around, and sometimes they overlapped. One such game that I remember was a game where you drew cards to move your car forward in a race against the other players. We mostly played it on the computer, […]

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19 Jul 2012

Throwback Thursday: Spacestation Pheta

If there is one game from my childhood that stands out so far above the rest (and was actually the inspiration for this column at all) it’s Spacestation Pheta. Once, when I forgot the name of this game, I googled “guy gets keys for doors and goes doh” and somehow that found it! This one […]

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12 Jul 2012

Throwback Thursday: Know When to Hold ‘Em

“Every gambler knows, the secret to survival is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep” If you want to delineate the ages of a group of people, throw this line at them to see if it’s something they’ve experienced. Somewhere right around the born in 1982 (that’s me!) mark, coincidentally right around […]

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5 Jul 2012

Throwback Thursday: The Ultimate Haunted House

They just don’t make games like they used to, you know? When I was younger, it was all about point and click puzzle games. I probably played nearly a hundred of them, but as always, some really stood out. One that always seems to stick in my mind is Gahan Wilson’s The Ultimate Haunted House.

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28 Jun 2012

Throwback Thursday: Life or Death

As a young, scientifically inclined geek with a computer, there were all kinds of games and things I could play. One that stands out to me over time though involved blood, guts, and surgery. It was called Life or Death and you were the doctor in charge of saving lives! Or the doctor who got […]

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