17 Apr 2013

Spotlight: Fresh Hues and Design Seeds

I love color. I’ve talked about this a few times, I’m sure, but today I want to share with you one of my absolute favorite blogs about color: Fresh Hues.

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25 Aug 2012

Spotlight Saturday: EPBOT

If you are looking for a place for geek catharsis, have I got a blog for you. Let me introduce you to the Experimental Prototype Blog of Tomorrow or EPBOT (if that sounds suspiciously familiar, it might be run by a Disney fanatic). A little bit of Star Trek, a little bit of steampunk, a […]

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18 Aug 2012

Saturday Spotlight: Neuroskeptic

I’m going to be a neuroscientist one day, (as soon as I get some research experience, get myself into a good grad school, write a dissertation and earn my PhD – this could take awhile!) but until then, I like to keep up with what’s going on in the field. I follow all the big […]

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11 Aug 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Pretty Strong

I’m all about busting gender stereotypes. I mean, I’m a woman in science who’s the breadwinner for her household. I also bust stereotypes because I like to lift weights. Not little things either, I bench 80lbs and squat 13olbs.  So, today’s spotlight is on a few other women who bust stereotypes. Sarah Robles and Jessica […]

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4 Aug 2012

Saturday Spotlight: Imagineering Disney

We are kind of obsessed with Disney over here, if you couldn’t tell. So it figures that one of our favorite blogs is Disney themed. In fact, it was tough to limit myself to only one Disney blog for this column. Luckily for you, this one is the best of the best. I always look […]

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28 Jul 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Castles and Cooks

Most of us geeks have a number of different interests, and often they are quite varied. That’s something you certainly find here. That’s why I often like other blogs that have interesting intersections. Today, I’m going to feature Castles and Cooks, bloggers who hit a few of my major interests: fantasy, gaming, and cooking! Basic […]

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21 Jul 2012

Saturday Spotlight: How to Write Badly Well

I follow quite a few writing blogs, which makes sense considering that I write quite a bit. There’s blogs that teach me about story arcs and character buildings, ones that make sure I won’t get ripped off as a freelancer, and some that give writing prompts to help stretch my brain muscles. Each has its […]

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14 Jul 2012

Saturday Spotlight: Between the Pages

I think it’s been made pretty clear around here that we like to cook, and especially bake. Therefore, I love to read blogs about food and cooking. When you can combine baking and geeky goodness however, then you really have something interesting. That’s why I like Between the Pages. The amazing cakes they find are […]

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7 Jul 2012

Saturday Spotlight: Flowing Data

Infographics are huge for a reason, and that reason is that we are a visual species. Just hearing data doesn’t allow us to understand what’s really going on – even for the most scientific minds among us. However, seeing graphical comparisons side by side, color codes, juxtaposed quantifiable differences. That’s the stuff that can really […]

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30 Jun 2012

Saturday Spotlight: ProfHacker and GradHacker

In my non-blogging life, I am an academic scientist. This means that I went to grad school, got a PhD, worked at universities in research jobs, and now I teach at a community college. Essentially, I’m never leaving academia. I’m okay with that. Since lots of geeks tend to be academic, I’ve noticed a pretty […]

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