10 Feb 2013

Science! (Almost) Living Crystals

One of the first things that I go over in my human biology class each year is what makes something alive. There is a whole list of characteristics that we learn, and then we discuss how you know a dog is alive (mostly because it eats, poops, and makes little puppies). Then, we have a […]

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4 Feb 2013

Science! D’awwww.

I have been known to┬álove┬ácute things (unlike Rosalind …). I have an entire group in my RSS feeds called adorable, filled with blogs like Zoo Borns, and Cute Overload. One of my interests on StumbleUpon is baby animals. So thank goodness science figured out why we love to squeeze adorable things – because I could […]

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20 Jan 2013

Science! Oxytocin

Today I want to talk about my favorite hormone. First of all, yes, I have a favorite hormone. I’m a biologist and I teach human biology, of course I have a favorite hormone! My favorite hormone is oxytocin. You probably haven’t heard too much about it, so let me know introduce you. Oxytocin is a […]

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6 Jan 2013

Science! Carl Woese

We’re big science geeks, and so we’ve implemented a Science! column here Girls Are Geeks. Sometimes you’ll get summaries of current research; other times you’ll get opinions, article breakdowns, or just general commentary on the scientific world. This week, I’m talking about a great scientist the world lost a week ago – Carl Woese.

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