5 Jan 2015

Biology: The Musical

I got halfway through DiGiWriMo, which for me is not half bad! November is a tough month. Anyway, new year, new posts! So, today I am wearing my “Science, The Musical” T-shirt. I love it, but it has a few issues. First of all, it’s more “Physics, The Musical” than Science and it’s all men. […]

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17 May 2013

Learned From Disney: Hydroponics

We’ve mentioned a few times how much we love EPCOT, and today I’d like to talk about one specific location in my favorite Disney park: The Land. You’ll find The Land Pavilion to the right side of Spaceship Earth. Inside The Land are a number of different things to visit including the Garden Grille, a […]

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14 May 2013

How To Talk With A Scientist

I don’t like the Big Bang Theory, and there’s reasons for that which others have illustrated better than I can, however it has brought a lot of attention to the communication methods of scientists and how that communication is different than it is for non-scientists. This is also known as the “seriously why can’t you […]

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5 May 2013

Science! Interesting Brain Disorders

I like reading books about brain disorders. It’s an extremely specific genre, and I tend to get interesting looks from friends and strangers alike when I mention it. Anyway, brain disorders are really interesting, and I want to tell you about a couple I find incredibly fascinating.

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28 Apr 2013

Science: Spring Peepers

Well, Spring has finally sprung in the Northeast! It took it long enough, and still the overnight temperatures have been below 40F, but not below freezing so I’ll take it. Anyway, I’ve been working with some students on a new research project, and it’s been so much fun that I wanted to share some of […]

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14 Apr 2013

Rant: Science in the News

I’m a scientist and a science teacher and this country has a serious science literacy problem. I find that most people know very little about how science works. No one knows the scientific process, no one knows how laboratory experiments are different from survey data, and nobody knows how to interpret a correlation. Of course, […]

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7 Apr 2013

Science! Brain Initiave

If you haven’t heard, it’s a really exciting time to be a neuroscientist (or possible future neuroscientist, like me). President Obama mentioned in his State of the Union address earlier this year that he would be approving a billion dollar brain mapping project, and just recently more details were unveiled.

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19 Mar 2013

Spotlight: NeuroDojo

It’s always fun to find other internet-savvy, geeky, scientists out there in the blogosphere. Today’s spotlight is on one of those who has been forging new ground on the internet for ten years. He’s an invertebrate neuroethologist, his name is Zen, and his blog is called NeuroDojo. About Zen Zen is a professor at The University […]

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12 Mar 2013

Science: Digital Vision

I teach human biology, and when we get to senses, I always talk about the cochlear implant that allows deaf people to hear. However, for vision replacement, I always had to use science fiction as the example, specifically G’Kar’s eye from Babylon 5, because we hadn’t created the technology. That’s not true any more. I […]

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3 Mar 2013

Science! Popular Neuroscience

Is neuroscience the cool, trendy science-y thing to be talking about? Yes, unfortunately. I know, you’re all like ‘Why unfortunately? Isn’t it great that the everyday Joe wants to talk about your field?’ Well, when science topics becomes popular, it’s not always a good thing. Here’s a few pros and cons.

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