16 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 16: Zombies

One of the things that I have clearly learned from my attempt at posting every day in November is that I am not very good at doing things every day. I may have already known that, but now I’m certain. I need to set an alarm or something. On three separate devices. Sometimes, I’m amazed […]

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14 Apr 2013

Rant: Science in the News

I’m a scientist and a science teacher and this country has a serious science literacy problem. I find that most people know very little about how science works. No one knows the scientific process, no one knows how laboratory experiments are different from survey data, and nobody knows how to interpret a correlation. Of course, […]

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20 May 2010

Science in Fiction: A Rant

I just wanted to rant a little. This is mainly because I’ve recently been watching a TV series that originally aired on ABC called Surface. Basically, it’s about a population explosion of this dragon-like alien species that burrows into the Earth’s crust under the ocean. It’s actually pretty good, in general, especially as far as […]

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22 Apr 2010

I Mean, No One’s Gonna Eat Your Eyes

I had a totally different post written for today, but something just made me angry. Today is the middle of one of the most combative weeks at my college. Twice a year, my tech school joins the blooming few colleges and universities in the nation that host a game of Humans vs. Zombies, endearingly known […]

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21 Apr 2010

Brain Training Doesn’t Work? A Critique.

You’ve probably seen the newest big headline in gaming: Brain Training Games Don’t Work. I haven’t seen too much of the discussion on this, but I’m sure there are people on both sides of the aisle. People who adored their Brain Age and Brain Age 2 games and played them constantly. Perhaps fans of Professor […]

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30 Mar 2010

Fangirls Don’t Wear Pink

My name is Rosalind, and I’m a geek. I argue over which Star Trek series is the best (TNG FTW!), I explain the fermentation of soy sauce during Chinese dinner, and I can explain to you the story of Solid Snake. I’m also a woman. What do you think of when you read the word […]

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