12 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 12: PAX East

I will be seeing people at PAX East again this year, along with my Strategic Gaming Club! We actually got quite lucky in picking up tickets this year. I had a whole plan with student minions at my beck and call to jump on line and get in queue for PAX East tickets. Last year, […]

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24 Mar 2013

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

This weekend, I am at PAX East, the Penny Arcade expo. This is a convention that will always hold a special place in our hearts here at Girls Are Geeks, because three years ago at the very first PAX East, the idea for this blog was born, and our first post was published 3/30/2010. Happy […]

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9 Apr 2012

PAX East 2012: Come and Gone

We just got back from PAX East 2012, and it was amazing. Between Dawn and I, I think we played about 30 new games, so we should have a ton to talk about. However, right now we need to quickly catch up on real life first. However, I will let you in on a glimpse […]

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23 Mar 2012

Countdown to PAX: 2 Weeks to Go – BINGO!

You might recall that we like to play games, especially games that we make up. At a place like PAX, games are one of our favorite things. They are great for passing time, for meeting new friends, and for starting conversation. This year, we are trying something new: playing a game that others can join […]

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15 Mar 2012

Countdown to Pax: 3 Weeks to Go – Inspiration Playlist

So, it’s that time of year again: PAX East is coming! We’ll be there, so watch for tweets to meet-up, say hi, etc. As we’ve done in the past, we want to do a bit of a PAX Planning Count-Down, so watch for an article every week with a great idea for your PAX planning, […]

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16 Mar 2011

The Obligatory Top Ten Things About PAX East 2011 Post

PAX East was this past weekend, and I already want to go to the next one! Anyway, I’m going to sum up my trip the best way I know how: in a Top Ten list. Yeah, I like those.

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15 Mar 2011

Geeky Flickr Finds: PAX East 2011

So, Dawn and I ran around PAX East for three days and had a blast. However, we were so busy that we didn’t take any pictures! Fortunately, lots of other people did, so here is a smattering of what we saw and did through the joys of Flickr! Thanks CasualCapture for the great logo! Come […]

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10 Sep 2010

Warren Spector: The Intersection of Awesome!

While at PAX, I got to see the keynote by Warren Spector. Spector is a pretty awesome guy. First of all, he’s a Disney Geek, and since I’m also a Disney Geek, that’s pretty freaking awesome. He’s also an everything else geek. He gave us his brief life story and it included comics, and science […]

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8 Sep 2010

Top Ten Things We Loved About PAX 2010

This past weekend Dawn, Gardella, and I went to PAX Prime out in Seattle, and we had an absolute blast. Sometimes, it’s the interesting little things that really get you, so I made this list of the ten most awesome things about PAX, and some, well, you might not have suspected! The pictures in this […]

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6 Sep 2010

A Most Elusive Perspective on PAX Prime

This weekend, I attended PAX Prime 2010 for the first time. Although I certainly consider myself a geek, I’m not really a gamer, and I wasn’t sure what I’d think of a convention with that as the primary focus. Sure, I play Sims 3, write in a Harry Potter play-by-post RPG, and handicap my roommate […]

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