12 Jun 2013

Basic Geek Road Trip Playlist

There is nothing like the perfect soundtrack for your road trip – no matter where you’re going. It doesn’t matter who you’ve packed into the car, the perfect aural stimulation can turn a boring dud into a party animal. We’ll probably give you a few playlists throughout the summer, but this one has got the […]

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13 May 2013

Music: Garfunkel & Oates

One of the best parts about geeky music is that they tend to say what I’m thinking and put it into song. Honestly, no one does just that better than the two ladies who make up Garkunkel and Oates. Give ’em a listen.

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9 Apr 2013

How To Karaoke!

Tonight, I’ll be heading to my usual Tuesday hang-out. It’s right down the road. There are drinks, friends, a television screen, and a microphone. That’s right, I am a karaoke regular. I have been doing karaoke nearly every week for the better part of the last 3-4 years. For a lot of people, karaoke is […]

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8 Apr 2013

Music: Ocarina of Rhyme

Today’s music post is all about one of my favorite geeky mash-up albums. A group of artists called Team Teamwork took some of rap’s greatest hits by Jay-Z and Dr. Dre and combined them with in-game music from arguably one of the best video games of all time – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of […]

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2 Apr 2013

Math: Even/Odd Lyrics

Dawn and I are taking a songwriting course through coursera. Since music and math are intrinsically linked, you are likely to hear about this course at least once more if not a few more times. Today, I want to mention an interesting concept that we encountered related to odd and even numbers.   Pat Pattison, […]

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26 Mar 2013

How To Train Pandora

I’m a huge music geek. Because of this, I have an extremely large and eclectic music collection. However, it’s hard for this collection to travel to classes with me, so I started using Pandora. Pandora uses an algorithm based system to play music in a style based on a band or a song as a […]

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4 Mar 2013

Music: Four Chord Song

I listen to a lot of music while I’m writing and working, and you know after awhile, it all starts to sounds the same. So today’s song is definitely super relatable for me. I bring you The Four Chord Song by Axis of Awesome.

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11 Feb 2013

Music Monday: Repo! The Genetic Opera

If I told you we were about to geek out about a musical featuring Paris Hilton, you’d probably look at me like I have six heads, and then run away. But I can promise you, we are not jumping the shark here at Girls Are Geeks. Give Repo! The Genetic Opera a serious chance, and […]

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21 Jan 2013

Music: At This Velocity

One of the columns we are keeping on from our Summer Vacation posts is music! However, we’re going to do things a little differently than over the summer. Instead of featuring just bands, we’ll be talking about individual songs, albums, chord progressions, keys, genres – everything music related, especially when it gets geeky! This week, […]

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29 Aug 2012

Why Not Wednesday: Write a Song

It you haven’t caught the themes lately, I’ve managed to write a number of posts that back-relate to Pi-Con. This may be the last one. For now. Dawn and I also seem to be on a music kick this week. Anyway, going to the songwriting workshop isn’t what inspired this post, but it did give […]

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