4 Jul 2011

How to Play The Accordion

I think it has been determined that the accordion is pretty much the geekiest instrument you can play, and you would be in fabulous geeky company while playing it. Well, I recently learned how to play one, and it turns out that they are quite interesting, and not too difficult. Okay, not too difficult if […]

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28 Mar 2011

How To Use a Smartphone to be More Productive

About a month ago my husband upgraded to an iphone and handed me down his Droid. It was my first smartphone. I had been avoiding smartphones because I have typically seen them as a time suck. My husband plays Tilt to Live and Angry Birds all the time, and he’s always on the phone and […]

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3 Jan 2011

How To Have a Geeky Christmas

Happy New Year! Since blogging was pretty minimal over the course of the holidays, we thought that we’d start the new year off by talking about all the geeky stuff that we picked up and gave each other for Christmas and that you should expect to see around the blog. First of all, let me […]

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29 Nov 2010

How to Keep Your Passwords Safe

In today’s world,  keeping your online identity safe is a major concern, especially for those of us who spend money online. Here’s some ideas from the Girls Are Geeks Mothership on keeping your passwords safe. The words of the Mothership: In this age of electronics, computers, social media sites, online shopping (MY favorite), banking, and […]

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25 Oct 2010

How To Have A Classy Geeky Home

As us geeks grow up, we want our homes to have a more classy look. We try to get away from the curbside and thriftstore looks that many of us relied on in college to display our geeky stuff. When previously, I simply would have had a shelf loaded with geeky toys, now I want my […]

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18 Oct 2010

How to Sleep Hack

Right now, it’s 5:20am and I am up writing a blog post. I went to bed at about 12:30am. Funny thing, last night was a great night of sleep and I feel awake this morning. No, I don’t have weird insomnia, I have been doing some sleep hacking lately, meaning less sleep, more hours awake, […]

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30 Aug 2010

How To Approach A (Hopefully) Single Geek

I’ve noticed that many of us here are going places soon, there is a lot of talk about Dragon*Con and of course I’m going to PAX with Dawn and Gardella. If you are the single type, this is probably a good place to try and meet someone with similar interests to you, and so we […]

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16 Aug 2010

How-To Be a Multilingual Memer

I am a geek and a scientist. Most of my fellow labmates are neither geeks nor Americans. Oftentimes, that means that I make lots of references that they don’t get. So, recently, Dawn and I started trying to translate some of our favorite memes into other languages to try and relate to my labmates. Here […]

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5 Jul 2010

How To Decorate Cakes: Anyone Can Do It

I know that we have all marveled at some of the incredible geeky cakes out there, and I bet some of you thought that perhaps you would like to make a geeky cake. Well, it turns out that my mother is quite the cake decorator and has offered a beginner’s article to help you all […]

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28 Jun 2010

How to Enjoy Adult Walt Disney World

I know that things have been kind of sparse around here lately, and that has been mostly due to a little bit of trip insanity. Trip insanity began with a week long field excursion for the purposes of science! to Colorado and then ended in four days of Walt Disney World vacation. It’s that last […]

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