12 Jan 2018

How To Be A Geek Professor

I am a geek professor! What’s that mean, well, mostly that I’m a geek and a professor. However, I have found that because of this, I do things a little differently than my non-geek colleagues, and because of this, I also tend to find and attract geek students to my class. There’s a pretty tight […]

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6 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 6: How to Train Your Puppy

In March, my partner and I adopted a 9 week old black pug. Since then, every moment of our lives has been alternating between “OMG this dog is crazy annoying!” and “OMG this dog is so freakin’ adorable!”. So, we have been taking training classes. Our pug, Macklin (Burt Macklin), is super duper smart, that’s not […]

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14 May 2013

How To Talk With A Scientist

I don’t like the Big Bang Theory, and there’s reasons for that which others have illustrated better than I can, however it has brought a lot of attention to the communication methods of scientists and how that communication is different than it is for non-scientists. This is also known as the “seriously why can’t you […]

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9 Apr 2013

How To Karaoke!

Tonight, I’ll be heading to my usual Tuesday hang-out. It’s right down the road. There are drinks, friends, a television screen, and a microphone. That’s right, I am a karaoke regular. I have been doing karaoke nearly every week for the better part of the last 3-4 years. For a lot of people, karaoke is […]

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26 Mar 2013

How To Train Pandora

I’m a huge music geek. Because of this, I have an extremely large and eclectic music collection. However, it’s hard for this collection to travel to classes with me, so I started using Pandora. Pandora uses an algorithm based system to play music in a style based on a band or a song as a […]

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13 Mar 2013

How-To: Take Online Classes

When I graduated from college, I wasn’t done with learning. It probably came as a surprise to everyone (especially the Mothership) that I had learned to love school, but I totally did. And continuing my education with online courses has been great for these past eight months. Here’s how you can get involved.

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12 Feb 2013

How-To: Tumblr Role Play

I’ve been role playing online since I learned to type, but not all RPGs are created equal. Today, I’m going to teach you how to get involved in one that I dabbled in recently: Tumblr RP.

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22 Jan 2013

How-to Cross Stitch

Geeks and crafts go together pretty effectively, but I think that one of the geekiest crafts out there is counted cross stitch. First of all, it has a math term in its name. That’s a good, geeky start. It’s also very precise, requires following a code, and is done in little squares, like pixels. I […]

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8 Jan 2013

How To: Fantasy Sports

This year, one of my favorite gymnastics blogs started a Fantasy League for the NCAA competition season that runs from January to March. If you’re into football or basketball, you might already be in a league, or you might be too intimidated to join one. Well, I’m here to tell you that you shouldn’t be! […]

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10 Oct 2011

How-To Have Halloween with Creative Geeky Kids

Today, we bring you a perspective from The Mothership on How-To Have Halloween with Creative Geeky Kids. Just a warning, we were all a bit nuts as kids, and we loved Halloween, and I think we drove The Mothership crazy! Maybe you’ll pick up some Halloween ideas from our old ones. Enjoy!  Thanks to d4rr3ll […]

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