8 May 2013

Geeky Woman Role Model: Kellee Santiago

I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people out there who play games who have thoughts to themselves: wouldn’t it be super cool to get a degree about making games and then start a game company and make games for a living? However, there are very few people who get to live out […]

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10 Apr 2013

Geeky Woman Role Model: Amy Mebberson

Today’s role model might be as Disney obsessed as we are, or at least her artwork makes it seem that way! Have you heard of the fantastic artist and cartoonist Amy Mebberson? Because you really need to.

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20 Mar 2013

Geeky Woman Role Model: Kaycie D.

As a scientist, sometimes I come across things on the internet that make me jump and squeal. Well, one of those things was a set of animated periodic table elements. Each element has a unique character, such as Tungsten who wears a wolf pelt (it’s also known as Wolfram). So, I immediately had to find […]

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6 Feb 2013

Geeky Woman Rolemodel: Jenni Pinches

I’d never heard of Nerdfighting until today’s rolemodel crossed my fandoms during the gymnastics competition in the Olympics this past summer. As you can tell already, Jenni Pinches is pretty well rounded, and that’s why she makes a fantastic rolemodel for February.

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2 Jan 2013

Geeky Woman Role Model: Bonnie Burton

One of our favorite monthly features around here has always been the Geeky Woman Role Model, so I’m glad to be able to start it back up as our second article of the new year. Our January role model is one of those women who seems to have found the intersection of a number of […]

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14 Mar 2012

Geeky Woman Role Model: Jesse Peterson (Plus Giveaway!)

I’m a terrible fiction writer. I’m a great science writer, but you probably don’t want to read my terrible Supernatural fanfiction (even though I post it anyway). Therefore, when I run across good writers who I not only enjoy reading but also write about topics I’m interested in, I get pretty excited. I think that […]

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8 Jun 2011

Geeky Woman Role Model: Trina Schwimmer

There are a couple of things we believe very strongly inat Girls Are Geeks, and one of those includes the idea that no men should ever tell women what we can’t do. Well, about 8 years ago, a panel of male game journalists essentially told one Trina Schwimmer that women don’t play games and shouldn’t […]

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11 May 2011

Geeky Woman Role Model: Kari Byron

Geeky ladies fall into a variety of categories. There are gaming geeks, and scifi/fantasy geeks, and tech geeks. Then, there’s the kind of geek that likes to blow things up in the name of science. I have to say, I have a special place in my heart for that last kind, and in the case […]

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13 Apr 2011

Geeky Woman Role Model: Ashley Eckstein

If there is one thing we are always told in life it is to reach for your dreams, and some people have many dreams and reach for all of them! That’s a pretty good description of Ashley Eckstein. Ashley is an actress who voices a role in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the visionary […]

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9 Mar 2011

Geeky Woman Role Model: Jane McGonigal

This up coming weekend contains one of my favorite geeky and gaming events of the year: PAX East in Boston. Last year, it was the inaugural year for the event, and the keynote speaker was the always amazing Wil Wheaton. Well, this year, Gabe and Tycho have again pulled from the ranks of awesome for […]

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