1 May 2013

Geek Crush: Dante Basco

Sometimes I forget how much I love today’s Geek Crush, and then he shows up voicing a character in an animated series or doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit and I totally remember why I love Dante Basco.

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24 Apr 2013

Geek Crush: Jared Padalecki

It’s Wednesday night, which can only mean one thing (well, for 22 weeks of the year) – I’m watching Supernatural. I may be a teensy bit obsessed with this show, but, seriously, how can a geek girl not be? It has monsters, unexplained events, other worlds, time travel, demons, angels, geek references galore, and the […]

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6 Mar 2013

Geek Crush: Benedict Cumberbatch

I first fell for today’s crush’s name without ever knowing anything about him. When a friend finally sat me down and forced me (it really wasn’t as tough as it sounds) to watch Sherlock – well it was all over. Today we’re all about Benedict Cumberbatch.

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20 Feb 2013

Geek Crush: Zachary Levi

Most of the time, television shows are terrible at getting geek right. However, every once in a while, a show comes along that just hits it right on. Chuck was one of those shows. It wasn’t incredibly well watched, but the fans held it in high regard, and it had a pretty impressive internet following. […]

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16 Jan 2013

Geek Crush: Arthur Darvill

We know and love Arthur Darvill from his role playing the loyal and loving companion Rory Williams Pond on series 5, 6, and part of 7 of Doctor Who. (If you don’t, you definitely need to start watching the show!) However, showing up in a geeky fandom is not all you have to do to […]

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22 Jun 2011

Geek Crush: Bruce Campbell

Back in the day, I watched a lot of Hercules and Xena. The Mothership and I may have been a little obsessed. Kevin Sorbo may have been a little hot. However it happened, it served as my first introduction to a man that would have a surprisingly influence on the rest of my life. On […]

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25 May 2011

Geek Crush: Jorge Cham

When I first started grad school, it was crazy. You move into a whole new world with research and teaching and classes and most new grad students feel entirely overwhelmed. Fortunately, a friend introduced me to the greatest thing a grad student can possibly discover: a new source of procrastination. This source happened to also […]

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27 Apr 2011

Geek Crush: Ben Folds

I’m a piano player. Like many children, my mother started me on the piano when I was seven. However, unlike many children (Dawn and Gardella included), for me it stuck. Being the type of person and geek that I am though, I couldn’t just be a normal, classically trained piano player. No. I quit classical […]

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30 Mar 2011

Geek Crush: Wil Wheaton

When I was about 10, I fell in love with Wil Wheaton. Okay, technically, I fell in love with Wesley Crusher. I don’t understand what girl wouldn’t fall for him. Wesley was adorable, super smart, funny, and always trying to help everybody. How would I have ever known when I was 10, however, that almost […]

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26 Jan 2011

Geek Crush: Mark Sheppard

Sometimes, you run across a guest actor who is simply incredible and amazing. Then, you run into them again, and again, and again. This is the character actor on all your favorite geeky shows. They probably spend a fair amount of in or around Vancouver. Then you start to follow them on twitter. Then you […]

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