13 Jan 2014

Upcoming: Spacestation Pheta, Revived!

First of all, let me apologize for the long hiatus. Some things have been happening. Dawn moved, and I had the craziest semester ever. However, I’m trying to get things up and rolling again, so watch for new posts and some actual twitter action again! Now, onto the good stuff. A while back, Dawn told […]

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2 Nov 2013

Extra Life – More Than Halfway, We Got This!

Or at least we are so sleep-deprived that it really doesn’t much matter. So, someone brought this game called Qwitch. It has letters A-H and numbers 1-8 together on the cards but random, so cards can be A1 or D5 or H3 and so on. Then, there are plus, minus, and equal signs and people […]

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7 May 2013

Timewaster: Mystery Express

When we sat down to play today’s Timewaster game, it was described to me as “clue on a train,” and honestly, that’s almost exactly what it is. There are a few major differences, which can either add to or take away from gameplay, but overall it was a fun game and I did better than […]

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16 Apr 2013

Timewaster: Small World

I know a lot of geek who like Risk. I’m not sure if it was a gateway game for them or if geeks just like the idea of world domination, but I grew up playing and loving Risk and I’ve heard that story many times. Today’s game takes elements of Risk and combines them with […]

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2 Apr 2013

Timewaster: Cards Against Humanity

I know you’ve heard of today’s timewaster. At this point, who hasn’t played the game that is basically Apples to Apples for terrible people? Well if you haven’t get on playing Cards Against Humanity. For those of you that have played, this post is full of tips and tricks for an even more fun game.

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28 Mar 2013

Throwback: Pit

When I was a kid, and we’d have family gatherings, there would be a time, after I was in bed, when the adults would sit downstairs at the kitchen table doing odd things. They would shout numbers at each other ”two, two” or “three, three” and trade off orange cards with strange pictures. Then someone […]

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19 Mar 2013

Timewaster: The Sims 3

Today’s Timewaster is from a franchise I’ve been playing for as long as I can remember. Sometimes, I sit down to write these posts and wonder how games like this one slipped through past posts. It’s by no means a new game, but let me tell you, I love playing The Sims.

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5 Mar 2013

Timewaster: Microscope

Contrary to what it initially sounds like, Microscope is not a science game. What it is, however, is completely different from anything else I’ve ever played or even really experienced. It’s actually hard to sum up in a simple description, but I’ll try. Microscope is a pencil and paper game of world-building and creative role-playing. […]

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19 Feb 2013

Timewaster: Agricola

I’m not sure how this game has slipped through and failed to make it onto our Timewasters list so far. I first played Agricola at the¬†inaugural¬†Pax East, and immediately bought the game upon my return home – and I still love it.

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5 Feb 2013

Timewaster Tuesday: Ascension

Have you ever played a new game and known before the game was over that you were going to have to own it someday? I felt that way the first time I learned Ascension. Fortunately, Dawn bought it for me for Christmas so I can now share the joy with all of you! Basic Gameplay […]

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