12 May 2013

IRL-FPS: Paintball

I played paintball for the first time today! It was actually my gaming club’s idea to spend the remainder of their money for the year by having a paintball trip. I figured it made a ton of sense for a gaming club. I mean, paintball is just like LARP for a FPS – right! As […]

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15 Jun 2012

Fun Thing Friday: Crazy Random Happenstance

“Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don’t happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?” “I love it!” “You’re kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!” Sure, I judge things by their titles, we all do. Therefore, when you see something titled with a quote from Dr. Horrible, […]

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1 Jun 2012

Fun Thing Friday: Nanolettering!

There are a lot of things that make cool intersections, but one of my personal favorites is science and art. Today’s fun thing takes that one step further and combines science with typography. The letters you see below and made out of blocks of DNA and each letter is just 100 nanometers tall!   B. […]

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23 Mar 2012

Fun Thing Friday: Symphony of Sauropods

Today’s fun thing is a three way Venn diagram covering some of the my favorite things: science, music, and dinosaurs! I was that kid in grade school who was OBSESSED with dinosaurs. I had a whole book set on them and had a ton of facts memorized. I think in third grade I actually was […]

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16 Mar 2012

Fun Thing Friday: Play the Frog

I was checking out Geeks Are Sexy this morning and found this crazy video where a frog pretty much vocalizes down an entire octave. Well, they worked it out so that you could play the Imperial March by moving to various time points on the video with the number keys.   So, being the music […]

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27 Jan 2012

Fun Thing Friday: Valentine’s Giveaway!!

I’m always looking for fun things on the internet, and this week, one came to me! Fortunately, it showed up from one of my favorite, artistically talented Etsy buddies, who we’ve featured before: Bohemian Bear. Even better: for Valentine’s Day she’s going to give stuff away to one lucky commenter! Keep reading to find out […]

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16 Dec 2011

Fun Thing Friday: Enterprise Noise

I’m a pretty hard-core Trekkie. I’ve watched all the series (though not as much Enterprise), love the movies, own the books and some actions figures, wrote my own TNG script, have the biggest crush ever on Wil Wheaton … you know, the usual stuff. Therefore, when the husband discovered this on the internet, I thought […]

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21 Oct 2011

Fun Thing Friday: Baby Tigers!

So, thanks to my twitter friend Ginger and the Geek, I was tipped off to the fact that Lansing, Michigan’s Potter Park Zoo has a webcam of one month old baby tigers! I got a screen shot, but they are all sleeping in the cage. They feed at 4pm and 10pm, so maybe you can […]

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7 Oct 2011

Fun Thing Friday: Pac Man Musical

I love musicals and claymation and so this Pac Man the Musical: A Pacapella Song is totally awesome. Totally. Have a fun thing this Friday! I have a three day weekend, so I should be back and rolling in the posts next week.

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23 Sep 2011

Fun Thing Friday: Edible Lego Minifigs!

We love Legos in my household. I mean, we own a ton of Star Wars Lego sets. We used Lego minifigs as our DnD characters in our last campaign. We have Lego ice cube trays. Therefore, when I saw these Lego MiniFig Cake Pops, OMG, I just loved it! You can find how they did […]

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