18 May 2013

Food Geek: Sherbet or Sorbet

If there is anything that makes a geek happy, it is knowing the specific details or definition of a commonly misused word or concept and letting others know the correct usage. Okay, so we’re a bit annoying, but still, we just want the truth. The truth is out there. Therefore, in this quick food geek […]

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4 May 2013

Food Geek: NYC-NJ Water

New York City gets a bad rap from people who aren’t from the area, and one of the major biases that I’ve heard is that all the water is super polluted. Well, let me tell you, that water is known is the major ingredient in at least two of the things that New York is […]

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21 Apr 2013

Food Geek: Bacon Water Chestnuts

I’m about to give you the possibly secret family recipe for the best bacon-based appetizer in the world. The Mothership doesn’t cook too much now, but when I was young she cooked all the time, and we used to have parties at our house. I loved to help with the appetizers for the parties. These […]

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7 Apr 2013

Food Geek: Homemade Pizza

Being from New Jersey, my family has strong opinions on pizza. Specifically, it should have a thin crust, but flexible so that slices of it can be folded in half and eaten while walking down the boardwalk. We also have a family pizza recipe that is one of the best crusts ever. My friends used […]

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2 Mar 2013

Food Geek: Fondue

I’ve only been to the Melting Pot once, and honestly, I probably won’t go back (not the best for gluten-free friendly), but I love fondue, and it is far easier than you might think to make and have fun with.┬áThe word fondue comes from the French verb fondre which means to melt, and the dish […]

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16 Feb 2013

Food Geek: Xanthan Gum

I first encountered xanthan gum about five years ago, just before the whole molecular gastronomy craze really hit it big. That was the point at which I realized that I reacted to gluten and had to eat gluten-free. Gluten is the protein in wheat that allows the wheat to be sticky. You know how bread […]

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2 Feb 2013

Food Geek: Chutney

The worst thing for a lot of people is going to a restaurant and not knowing what the terminology on the menu means. Well, for a long time, one of those particular items for my husband and I was chutney. What is this “chutney” and why do I want it on my food? Well, since […]

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19 Jan 2013

Food Geek: Saucy!

Since I’m a science geek, I tend to treat cooking a lot like science. You mix the recipe according to the instructions and you get delicious food. However, just like in science, there are some things that have a basic formula, but then allow you to adjust or optimize depending on your exact experiment. Sauces […]

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5 Jan 2013

Food Geek: Agar Pearls

I got a molecular gastronomy kit for Christmas. This is without a doubt the best gift ever for a scientist who also loves to cook. Bonus points because I already knew most of the chemicals in the kit. I’ve only just started playing with it, so you can expect quite a few posts are likely […]

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18 Jul 2012

Why Not Wednesday: Fermenting Your Own Food

Most of you know I’m a science geek. In fact, I’m an aquatic microbial ecologist. Today, however, I just want to talk about the middle of those three, which is microbial, as in, I’m a microbiologist. You might also have noticed if you read our blog, that I like food and I like food hacking. […]

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