7 Jun 2011

Geeky Flickr Finds: Romeork and Julielf?

So, I had a little time to do a little scouting for fun geeky things on Flickr, and there was an abundance! I didn’t even have to type anything other than “geek” into the search! Apparently, the geeks have been busy. Let’s see what they have been up to. “Romeork, Romeork, wherefore art thou Romeork?” […]

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17 May 2011

Geeky Flickr Finds: Nintendo and other Games

Time to see what other geeks are up to on the internets by way of Flickr! I’m always amazed at the cool stuff that’s out there. If an action figure it to go adventuring, I have to admit, this is a great find! It would only be better if you could plug it in and […]

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26 Apr 2011

Geeky Flickr Finds: Anime Cons Coast to Coast

I decided to go hunting for geekiness on Flickr this week. I found some! Want to see: Last weekend while I was in Boston watching John McCrea rock out Sheep Go to Heaven, just down the road others were enjoying Anime Boston. Awrose snapped this nice Angry Birds cosplay. More geekiness below the jump!

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12 Apr 2011

Geeky Flickr Finds: Link and Legos

We haven’t done a Flickr finds in a while and so I thought that I would take a look and see what fun stuff I could find. Fortunately, geeks are always on the internets and always posting things, so enjoy this mini collection of geekiness from Flickr!   Martyn Hutchby has this wonderful photo of […]

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15 Mar 2011

Geeky Flickr Finds: PAX East 2011

So, Dawn and I ran around PAX East for three days and had a blast. However, we were so busy that we didn’t take any pictures! Fortunately, lots of other people did, so here is a smattering of what we saw and did through the joys of Flickr! Thanks CasualCapture for the great logo! Come […]

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4 Jan 2011

Geeky Flickr Finds 1/4/11: By Riker’s Beard …

Time for some great geeky stuff that I found on Flickr! R2D2 is ready to help you manage your devices! Isn’t this a cute little USB hub? Maybe art3mis4 will tell us where they spotted it! Three more great geeky pics after the jump. 

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21 Dec 2010

Geeky Flickr Finds 12-20-10

We are getting close to the Holiday season, and being a little bit excited about Christmas, I have some geeky Christmas pics for you all! That’s the best kind of star for a Christmas tree. Lady Madonna is all ready for the season.   We’ve run into the Geek with his feet up before, but […]

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14 Dec 2010

Geeky Flickr Finds 12/14/10

I love hunting down fun things on Flickr! Today’s finds are terribly amusing, well, to a geek! I’m not sure what this crowd of angry geeks was angry about, but they seem pretty relaxed for such a big sign! Maybe MrReebdog could explain. More after the break!

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23 Nov 2010

Disney Flickr Finds

Disney week continues with some great shots of Disney, Disney related stuff, and things that remind me of Disney. Oh, there’s a cute baby, a troll, and some Tron in there too! Let’s kick this off with Mickey though! Jennifer Yeung found this Mickey in NYC. See, he hides out everywhere! I’m not sure why […]

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9 Nov 2010

Flicker Finds 11/1-11/8

I’ve just notice that the Flickr Finds have been much neglected lately. Therefore, here is their triumphant return! Gotta love the proud Geek Girls! Keep it up Punk in Writing! Want some more? Three more after the jump! 

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