10 May 2013

Fandom Introduction: Studio Ghibli

Even though you may not have heard of Studio Ghibli (links for Japanese Site and English Fan Wiki), you probably know who they are, or at least the movies that they make. My first experience with Studio Ghlibli was Princess Mononoke. You may have seen other movies that they’d made including Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving […]

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26 Apr 2013

Fandom Introduction: The Sandman

I have a geek confession to make: I’ve never read a Neil Gaiman novel. I found him post-grad school, and I simply haven’t figured out how to find time to read novels anymore. Seriously, it took me all of last year to get through the three books of The Hunger Games. However, I have managed […]

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12 Apr 2013

Fandom Introduction: Doctor Who

If you’re anything like me, you’re surrounded already by people obsessed and completely in love with the reboot of the classic BBC series Doctor Who. However, for those of you that are still in the dark, let me introduce you.

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23 Mar 2013

Fandom: Bones

I watch a lot of television, but it’s not very often that I come upon a character that reminds me of myself. Bones is that character! It’s funny, because I got into the show late in the game. Somewhere around 2009 I was coming home around 5-6pm and turning on TNT and Bones would play […]

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8 Mar 2013

Fandom Introduction: Typography

I’ve always loved lettering. Since we were little, Gardella would draw chalk murals on the driveway, and I would title them with interesting lettering styles. So it’s really no surprise that I grew into the typography fandom. And now you can get excited about it too!

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22 Feb 2013

Fandom Introduction: Minecraft

Today’s fandom is huge, but easy to break into because of the large community. I, along with plenty of other people, play Minecraft. Now, I’m not here to talk to you about game-play, but instead about the world surrounding this fantastic indie game.

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8 Feb 2013

Fandom Introduction: Sherlock Holmes

There have been very few literary characters that have been used as often as Sherlock Holmes, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. Holmes is the uniquely intelligent and observant detective who solves numerous seemingly impossible crimes in and around London, sometimes with the aid of his friend and scribe Dr. John Watson. You’ve […]

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25 Jan 2013

Fandom Introduction: Football

Wait. Geeks aren’t into sports, right? That totally ruins the balance of everything. However, sports can be some of the geekiest interests that you can have. They are kind of like video games – but with real people! And they happen to be all about patterns and statistics. Come on, that’s pretty cool. So I’m […]

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11 Jan 2013

Fandom Introduction: Avatar, the Last Airbender

One of the nice things about being a geek is that it’s totally cool to get really excited about a children’s cartoon. Last year, my choice of children’s cartoon was Avatar: The Last Airbender. A few friends of mine had recommended it, and I’m the type of person who will give anything a try once. […]

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24 Jan 2011

Fandom Introduction: Fables

I don’t read very many comics. There are a variety of reasons for this. I don’t read much at all due to time constraints and preferences, and my general reading material tends to be scifi oriented novels. I also read mostly when traveling, and my husband has always been particular about both comics and graphic […]

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