29 Mar 2011

Happy Birthday … to us!

Just about anyway! On March 30th, 2010, I posted our very first post Fangirls Don’t Wear Pink and got this whole whirlwind of the last year of my life started. It has been an incredible year. Through this blog, we have met so many wonderful people, fabulous geeky women and men, and really explored, I […]

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19 Aug 2010

I Didn’t Love Scott Pilgrim

I had to mention that. It appears lately that Scott Pilgrim has proven to be very polarizing. Most of the geeks I know absolutely adored it. Many critics absolutely despised it. I can’t figure out how this movie that I deemed to be “eh” has gotten so crazy. I went to see it opening weekend. […]

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19 Jul 2010

More Video Game Themed Drinks

We really enjoyed our video game themed evening the other night, and decided that we should take just the best parts, that would be the alcoholic parts, and repeat the process with some different games. Mixing drinks is really quite fun. Drinking them is just as fun. My husband, Billy, is really the one who […]

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16 Jul 2010

My Geeky Social Life: A Venn Diagram

Yesterday was my DnD group’s first game in a while due to some issues including knee surgery and schedule changes, and we picked up a new member in exchange for losing another. On DnD nights, I make dinner (a.k.a. the crockpot makes dinner) and we eat before playing. Last night’s dinner conversation consisted of a […]

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11 Jul 2010

Video Game Themed Dinner and a Movie

Dawn is staying at my (Rosalind’s) place for the summer, and my husband, Billy, and I are using the opportunity to introduce her to a variety of movies and tv shows that she’s missed. One of these was The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters, one of the greatest Geek documentaries about the rivalry […]

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25 May 2010

Mostly Harmless Guide to Life

In honor of Towel Day, I decided to resurrect something that me and a friend put together a few years back for a meeting of the spiritual group I was a part of in grad school. We had a lovely leather-bound copy of the 5 book trilogy of The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and […]

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4 May 2010

Extemporaneous Geek: Qui-Gon Jinn

May the Fourth be with you! It is International Star Wars day, and I thought I would share a little confession with all of you: I have the biggest crush on Qui-Gon Jinn. Yes, like all the other crazed geeks, I went to see Phantom Menace when it opened, and like everyone else it wasn’t […]

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24 Apr 2010

Extemporaneous Geek: 42

As geeks, we often find ourselves being excessively geeky at the oddest of moments. This was one of those moments. So, I’m watching Stargate Universe (really good episode, btw) and Rush is talking to Daniel Jackson (who gained some weight between filming this and Supernatural) and the number 46 is coming up and Daniel (in […]

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