1 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 1: DC on TV

I’ve decided to participate in #digiwrimo, which is a digital writing version of nanowrimo. I have no interest in ever writing a novel, but I have a poor, neglected blog that could use some updates at times other than when I’m raising money for children (not that Extra Life isn’t a great cause!). So, here […]

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12 May 2013

IRL-FPS: Paintball

I played paintball for the first time today! It was actually my gaming club’s idea to spend the remainder of their money for the year by having a paintball trip. I figured it made a ton of sense for a gaming club. I mean, paintball is just like LARP for a FPS – right! As […]

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14 Apr 2013

Rant: Science in the News

I’m a scientist and a science teacher and this country has a serious science literacy problem. I find that most people know very little about how science works. No one knows the scientific process, no one knows how laboratory experiments are different from survey data, and nobody knows how to interpret a correlation. Of course, […]

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24 Mar 2013

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

This weekend, I am at PAX East, the Penny Arcade expo. This is a convention that will always hold a special place in our hearts here at Girls Are Geeks, because three years ago at the very first PAX East, the idea for this blog was born, and our first post was published 3/30/2010. Happy […]

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17 Mar 2013

My Fantasy Gymnastics Season

When I (rarely) have free time, I like to watch gymnastics. It’s my favorite sport, not only because I competed for most of my young life, but also because I really just respect the athletes and the incredible dedication I know it takes.

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24 Feb 2013


Today, I ran the Disney Princess Half-Marathon. Of course, I wrote this post on Friday, so I can’t tell you how I did, but I didn’t think I’d be in any state to write a post after running 13.1 miles, so I’m writing it early. I love running. Funny thing, five years ago I could […]

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17 Feb 2013

Starting Projects

Once a month we give ourselves complete free reign over our blog post. It doesn’t have to fit into any of our predetermined categories, and instead is a place for us to rant, rave, or just talk to our readers. So I’m going to rant to you about a problem I have.

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27 Jan 2013

Educational Technology

It is a pretty great time to be a geek in education. I’m at the cutting edge of everything, just by being on the internet. Right now, Edtech is such a huge thing, and the industry and moving incredibly fast. You almost have to be an internet geek to keep up with everything. Dealing with […]

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13 Jan 2013

Biomechanics of Twisting

I’m pretty into gymnastics – I trained and competed as a kid and kept working out through college. Now, sports in general can be pretty geeky – what with all the physics and biology involved, and all the statistics to follow. However, I think gymnastics is one of the geekiest at all. This sport exploits […]

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24 Aug 2011

Geeks Raising Awareness: Digestive Track Paralysis

By a good general definition, a geek is someone who is passionate about something, and, typically, geeks aren’t just passionate about one thing. One of the things I find to be awesome about the geek community is how we use our networks of geeks to get word out about other things we are passionate about. […]

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