5 Jan 2018

Random Nerdy Thoughts

Random nerdy thoughts that I have had this week: So, the husband is playing Cuphead. I watched it for two minutes and noted that it is essentially an old Mickey Mouse cartoon only with cups. I am not necessarily against this. However, that dragon is a bitch and I would not be good at this […]

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3 Jan 2018

How Binge Watching Makes Me More Productive

Hello, my name is Rosalind, and I’m a binge watcher. I don’t do it all the time, but when I’m bored, or I get into a new series, I can just go for hours and hours. I’ve pushed Netflix to the point where it asks me “Do you want to keep watching?” and I press […]

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10 Sep 2016

Marvel Phase 3 Viewing Plan

Back in March and April, the husband and I decided that we needed to watch all the Marvel movies through, in order, to prepare for Captain America: Civil War. It was a great idea, Civil War referenced many important concepts from the earlier movies, especially the original Captain America and Iron Man movies.   Fast […]

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2 Nov 2015

DC Closet Halloween

I’m a busy person. Crazy busy. So, even though we’d been talking about Halloween for months, I had no idea what I was going to do for a costume. It didn’t help that we were holding the part at our place, so I spent a large portion of the day cleaning and prepping.     So, […]

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8 Jul 2015

No One Down Here Except the FBI’s Most Unwanted

Who is excited that the X-Files is coming back!? Oh, oh, oh, me! I am! I’ve been an X-Files fan since at least the mid-90s. I can’t remember when exactly I started watching or how I got into it, but by my freshman year of high school (1996) it was definitely an important part of […]

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5 Jan 2015

Biology: The Musical

I got halfway through DiGiWriMo, which for me is not half bad! November is a tough month. Anyway, new year, new posts! So, today I am wearing my “Science, The Musical” T-shirt. I love it, but it has a few issues. First of all, it’s more “Physics, The Musical” than Science and it’s all men. […]

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11 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 11: Canon and Fanon

So, I just watched the Supernatural 200th episode, which did their annual 4th wall breaking fandom episode. However, they brought up some interesting aspects of canon that I thought I would use as my post today. My partner and I have some differences of opinion on where canon ends and other things begin. He’s a […]

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7 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 7: Wearing My Nerd Proudly

I got into a conversation with one of my students recently when I noted that all the nerd and otakus hang out in the back of our snack bar area. He said something along the lines of: Otaku is like an insult. I replied with something along the lines of: It’s exactly the same type […]

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5 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 5: Shame of the Otaku

Sometimes, I have the coolest job ever. You see, I am a community college professor, and as part of that job, I am asked to be the advisor to two clubs on campus. Here is my piece of advice for any future college professors out there: Find the clubs that you would have joined as […]

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2 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 2: My Tribe is Nerd

Today I was asked if I have a Tribe. Not a Native American tribe, although I was an Indian Princess back in the day and my tribe then was Sioux. We used to go camping with our fathers and hunt for snipes. One time, my tribe walked across a frozen lake and left large pictures […]

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