22 May 2013

Geeky Etsy Find: Electrichu Amigurumi

I know what you are thinking: wouldn’t it be awesome to have a bunch of cure little crocheted Pokemon around my house? What, you weren’t thinking that? Well, I bet you are now and it just so happens that I have got an Etsy shop for you. It’s not just Pokemon, though, Juliette also makes […]

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13 Feb 2013

Geeky Etsy Finds: Manga, Manga Everywhere!

One of the things geeks always like is being able to get their favorite character on a piece of jewelry or as a toy, even when that character is from a not-too-popular manga. Fortunately, we have Etsy and fellow manga-loving geeks to help us out! This week, we’d like to feature one of those shops: […]

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9 Jan 2013

Etsy Find: Geeky Garters

Everyone should congratulate the third, and mostly silent, sister of this site, Gardella, because she got engaged this fall and is planning a summer wedding! So, for Christmas I went hunting for, what else, geeky wedding stuff. Well, I found something amazing: geek-themed garters. Here’s more information on the team at Uniquely Yours Bridal in […]

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13 Sep 2012

Thursday Arts: Etched Glasses and Free Shot Glass!

As part of the new school year calendar, there will be a variety of artsy things on Thursdays: crafts, Etsy’s, fashion, DIY projects, and maybe others. To help kick off our new day, we’ve got an old friend with a promotion for you! Coventry Decor I’m an adult. I have a house with real furniture, […]

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31 May 2012

Geeky Etsy Finds: I Want to be a Superhero, too!

Come on, you know we all want to be superheroes, at least, at some point. Maybe not all the time, that’s too much stress. Still, most of us geeks read comics and watch movies and at the very least want to try it out for a day. I think that’s why we cosplay, we get […]

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22 Mar 2012

Geeky Etsy Finds: Planets on Your Wrist

You probably know that I’m a huge science nerd. I actually just bought two new science shirts from ThinkGeek. However, I like more than just t-shirts, I like to wear my science in other places, and today’s Etsy artist allows you to show off your knowledge of the Universe around your wrist or in your […]

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15 Mar 2012

Geeky Etsy Finds: Minimalist Art

One of the cool things that we do as geeks is reconceptualize the things we like into other forms. That’s why so many things get made out of legos and cake! Today, however, we’ve found an artist who takes his favorite movies and makes artwork out of them. Check out Adam and his minimalist movie […]

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27 Jan 2012

Fun Thing Friday: Valentine’s Giveaway!!

I’m always looking for fun things on the internet, and this week, one came to me! Fortunately, it showed up from one of my favorite, artistically talented Etsy buddies, who we’ve featured before: Bohemian Bear. Even better: for Valentine’s Day she’s going to give stuff away to one lucky commenter! Keep reading to find out […]

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17 Nov 2011

Geeky Etsy Find: Zombies in Your Yard!

Sometimes, as a geek, there is nothing I like better than letting my geek flag fly. I wear geeky clothes, I make geeky references, and I keep a geeky desk at work. However, sometimes you just have to get that geek out in the world, and specifically, out in your yard! Today’s Etsy shop can […]

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20 Oct 2011

Geeky Etsy Find: Geek Knit Hats

This shop’s personal description says that she’s a “nerdy knitter, interior designer, and all around awesome chick!” and that was more than enough for me to check out a bit more closely. Once I did, I found a multitude of amazing ways to keep warm and geeky at the same time. Therefore, I had to […]

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