4 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 4-1: Ooops … Disney Geek-Out!

Whoops! I already missed a day. I’m bad at this thing. I clearly need to make this a calendar alert or something so I remember. I suppose that’s the point, right, so that I make it a habit to be writing daily, and it isn’t yet. So, I’m going to Disney World this weekend! I’m […]

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17 May 2013

Learned From Disney: Hydroponics

We’ve mentioned a few times how much we love EPCOT, and today I’d like to talk about one specific location in my favorite Disney park: The Land. You’ll find The Land Pavilion to the right side of Spaceship Earth. Inside The Land are a number of different things to visit including the Garden Grille, a […]

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2 May 2013

Disney: Drinking Around the World

One of our favorite Disney traditions is drinking around the World Showcase part of the Epcot park. There are eleven pavilions for different countries, and in each we have a few traditions that we celebrate.

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19 Apr 2013

Learned At Disney: Planned Spontaneity

We used to plan out every single minute of every single Disney vacation. Dad would create a schedule that involved getting in line for Space Mountain first thing so we could get to the rope drop outside of Adventureland. We’d make lunch and dinner reservations, and he would even plan time to get chocolate cake […]

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6 Apr 2013

Learned From Disney: Making Magic!

One of the things that Disney talks about all the time is Disney Magic. Disney Magic is what makes Disney amazing. Disney magic has a few components to it. The main one of these is that Disney is extremely careful not to break their illusions. When you are visiting Disney, you are on stage, and […]

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15 Mar 2013

Learned From Disney: Try, Try Again

Walt Disney World feels like magic. It’s the place where anything can happen and all your dreams come true, right? Well, I hate to break the illusion, but it’s not quite magical there. In fact, sometimes at Disney, things don’t quite work out the way that you wish they would. However, it’s still Disney, and […]

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1 Mar 2013

Learned At Disney: Good Eats

I just got off the Disney Dream, and it’s tough to get back into real life. However, being on the boat reminded me of one of my favorite parts of all Disney vacations: the food.

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15 Feb 2013

Learned From Disney: Crowds and Weaving

Walt Disney World is a busy place. That may actually be an understatement. There are estimates of 20,000-90,000 people in each park every day during the season. Of course, my family only ever went during season, which for us usually meant summer. Nowadays, we tend to go during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or 4th of July. Just […]

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1 Feb 2013

Learned From Disney: Imagination

We don’t use the word favorite when discussing Disney attractions. Generally, giving a ride orshow that title, dooms its very existence. However, I can use it today because one of my favorites has already been gutted and redone. However, it’s lessons still stand.

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18 Jan 2013

Learned From Disney: Giraffes!

We’ve been going to Walt Disney World forever, since we were in diapers (For Gardella, since she was in the womb!) So, it goes without saying that a lot of space in our minds is taken up by Disney trivia. However, we learned a lot of other things from our vacations as well. One thing […]

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