7 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 7: Wearing My Nerd Proudly

I got into a conversation with one of my students recently when I noted that all the nerd and otakus hang out in the back of our snack bar area. He said something along the lines of: Otaku is like an insult. I replied with something along the lines of: It’s exactly the same type […]

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2 Nov 2014

#Digiwrimo Day 2: My Tribe is Nerd

Today I was asked if I have a Tribe. Not a Native American tribe, although I was an Indian Princess back in the day and my tribe then was Sioux. We used to go camping with our fathers and hunt for snipes. One time, my tribe walked across a frozen lake and left large pictures […]

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6 Apr 2013

Learned From Disney: Making Magic!

One of the things that Disney talks about all the time is Disney Magic. Disney Magic is what makes Disney amazing. Disney magic has a few components to it. The main one of these is that Disney is extremely careful not to break their illusions. When you are visiting Disney, you are on stage, and […]

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24 Mar 2013

They Say It’s Your Birthday!

This weekend, I am at PAX East, the Penny Arcade expo. This is a convention that will always hold a special place in our hearts here at Girls Are Geeks, because three years ago at the very first PAX East, the idea for this blog was born, and our first post was published 3/30/2010. Happy […]

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24 Aug 2011

Geeks Raising Awareness: Digestive Track Paralysis

By a good general definition, a geek is someone who is passionate about something, and, typically, geeks aren’t just passionate about one thing. One of the things I find to be awesome about the geek community is how we use our networks of geeks to get word out about other things we are passionate about. […]

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28 Apr 2011

Wonder Woman Cupcakes: Frosting for the Cause

Way back in January, GeekMom posted about a site called Frosting for the Cause.  The idea behind Frosting for the Cause was that every day in 2011, bakers and bloggers would create a baked good and give a tutorial about making it to raise awareness for cancer research, especially for cancers specific to women. It’s […]

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29 Mar 2011

Happy Birthday … to us!

Just about anyway! On March 30th, 2010, I posted our very first post Fangirls Don’t Wear Pink and got this whole whirlwind of the last year of my life started. It has been an incredible year. Through this blog, we have met so many wonderful people, fabulous geeky women and men, and really explored, I […]

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5 Nov 2010

It Gets Better for Geeks Too

Lately, I’ve been watching some of the “It Gets Better” videos. I think this is a great movement. It is so inspiring to see people from all places talk about their experiences and to encourage youth and young adults to get through the tough times. I want to get involved, so here is my testimony […]

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10 Sep 2010

Warren Spector: The Intersection of Awesome!

While at PAX, I got to see the keynote by Warren Spector. Spector is a pretty awesome guy. First of all, he’s a Disney Geek, and since I’m also a Disney Geek, that’s pretty freaking awesome. He’s also an everything else geek. He gave us his brief life story and it included comics, and science […]

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8 Jul 2010

Geeking Out Together: A Geeky Relationship in Retrospect

Yesterday was my 3rd wedding anniversary. We both had to work, but we did dress up and have a nice dinner. During dinner, we spent half of the time discussing our plans for PAX Prime this year (less than two months, so exciting!). I was thinking about how appropriate this was to the two of […]

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