23 Mar 2012

Countdown to PAX: 2 Weeks to Go – BINGO!

You might recall that we like to play games, especially games that we make up. At a place like PAX, games are one of our favorite things. They are great for passing time, for meeting new friends, and for starting conversation. This year, we are trying something new: playing a game that others can join […]

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15 Mar 2012

Countdown to Pax: 3 Weeks to Go – Inspiration Playlist

So, it’s that time of year again: PAX East is coming! We’ll be there, so watch for tweets to meet-up, say hi, etc. As we’ve done in the past, we want to do a bit of a PAX Planning Count-Down, so watch for an article every week with a great idea for your PAX planning, […]

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2 Sep 2010

1 Day Until Pax

Tomorrow is the big day, and I hope we are ready! Today’s final countdown to PAX post, and possibly one of the last posts you’ll see until Monday depending on how busy we get out here, is a quick preview of the panels we are the most interested in. Panels are great because you get […]

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1 Sep 2010

2 Days Until PAX: Concerts

PAX is just so close! The excitement is crazy. So, let me tell you about one of my absolute favorite parts of PAX: the concerts. I am a music lover, sometimes a music geek even. Therefore, being able to have two nights of geeky music concerts as part of PAX is awesome to me. Let […]

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31 Aug 2010

3 Days Until PAX: Games

Let’s be honest, PAX is a video gaming convention, and one of the things that people really want to do there is play video games. Fortunately, there are a variety of games to check out on the expo floor. The games range from big name to indie to local developers, and encompass a variety of […]

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30 Aug 2010

4 Days Until PAX: Celebrities

One of the great things about going to places like PAX is the possibility of running into someone totally awesome like Wil Wheaton. Okay, that’s my dream, but there are many equally awesome celebrities to be found at PAX and here’s how to find them, and how not to freak out when you do! Two […]

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29 Aug 2010

5 Days Until PAX: Swag

PAX East, 2010, was my first PAX, and it was quite the learning experience. Therefore, I thought that I would give people some quick ideas of what to expect and how to make the most of your PAX experience. All week, I’ll have brief articles on various things to know to improve a PAX experience. […]

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27 Aug 2010

1 Week Until PAX: Gabe!

O.M.G. We are only a week away from the greatest video game convention this year! I’m already in Seattle learning the lay of the land. Actually, I’m at ISME, the International Symposium on Microbial Ecology. That’s been pretty great. Still, I’m more excited than ever about PAX. I have a color coded, highlighted schedule. I […]

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20 Aug 2010

2 Weeks Until PAX: Tycho!

We are a mere 2 weeks from PAX! I’m actually leaving for Seattle on Sunday because I have a scientific conference the week before PAX. Our badges came in the mail today, yay! My Harry Potter pub crawl costumes are close-ish to done. I made a color coded version of the schedule grid. I think […]

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13 Aug 2010

3 Weeks Until PAX: Favorite T-Shirts

PAX will soon be upon us, and that means we are starting to plan important things, like what to wear to PAX! Although we have some amusing plans for the Harry Potter themed pub crawl, the rest of the time we are probably going to be in classic geek attire: t-shirts. It just so happens […]

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