13 Jan 2014

Upcoming: Spacestation Pheta, Revived!

First of all, let me apologize for the long hiatus. Some things have been happening. Dawn moved, and I had the craziest semester ever. However, I’m trying to get things up and rolling again, so watch for new posts and some actual twitter action again! Now, onto the good stuff. A while back, Dawn told […]

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2 Nov 2013

Extra Life – More Than Halfway, We Got This!

Or at least we are so sleep-deprived that it really doesn’t much matter. So, someone brought this game called Qwitch. It has letters A-H and numbers 1-8 together on the cards but random, so cards can be A1 or D5 or H3 and so on. Then, there are plus, minus, and equal signs and people […]

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2 Nov 2013

Extra Life Marathon: 4:30am Feels Funny

So, we’ve made it past the 1/4 mark and it’s now 4:30 AM. Things are getting a little strange. The crew playing HALO Risk just spent 15 minutes looking up the team play rules to determine who won the game. My little group of cooperative gamers lost two games of Forbidden Island and two games […]

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1 Nov 2013

Extra Life – Getting Started

Other than a few small hiccups, we are getting started with our gaming marathon! We were going to livestream, but we have some firewall issues, so we’ll have to blog and tweet instead. I’m trying to start a tumblr for the club as well. We are having fun. The first hour consisted of Settlers of […]

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31 Oct 2013

Extra Life Gaming Marathon

So, things have been a little quiet around here. Dawn went and moved to Tucson and started a new job. I am in the middle of the busiest semester ever. So, we generally apologize for out minimal internet presence. However, I’m back for a cause! The Strategic Gaming Club at my school is participating in […]

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20 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Texas

I’ve heard a rumor that everything is bigger in Texas. I wonder if that’s true of fandoms as well? It may not be a place I want to move to instantly, but Texas definitely has it’s good points. I mean, both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural grew up there, so how bad can […]

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18 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: South Korea

A lot of interesting things have come from Korea. Since the Korean Wave started hitting the United States just over a decade ago, things like kimchi and K-pop have become more commonplace. We can thank Korea for the phenomenon known as Gangnam Style. There are also some great nerds over there, including one who has […]

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16 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Virginia

Virginia will probably always be remembered in my family as the place we used to sleep on our way to Florida from New Jersey in the days when we used to drive. Of course, in those days we never stopped to check out any of the cool stuff I found for you to stop and […]

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14 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: New Hampshire

“Live Free or Die!” I’ve lived in the Northeast long enough to see lots of New Hampshire license plates with that motto on it. New Hampshire is a interesting place nestled up in the top of the US between Vermont and Maine with no sales tax (thus the motto). However, there is in fact more […]

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10 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Egypt

When I was younger, I was quite the Ancient Egypt geek. I studied it a couple of different times, learned all about the process of mummification, and made my own accurately done pyramid wall painting. It’s definitely on my list of places I would love to visit, well, sometime after all the politics and rioting […]

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