6 Sep 2010

A Most Elusive Perspective on PAX Prime

This weekend, I attended PAX Prime 2010 for the first time. Although I certainly consider myself a geek, I’m not really a gamer, and I wasn’t sure what I’d think of a convention with that as the primary focus. Sure, I play Sims 3, write in a Harry Potter play-by-post RPG, and handicap my roommate […]

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10 May 2010

Fandom Introduction: Onomamania

Welcome to another Monday fandom introduction! This week, I would like to cover one of my favorite geekdoms and longtime obsessions, onomamania, otherwise known as name enthusiasm. It is especially timely this week as on Friday the SSA released the top names of 2009. This is very exciting to any name lover as it shows the […]

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3 May 2010

Fandom Introduction: Whedonverse

Along with How-To articles for Expanding Your Mind Monday’s, we will also be showcasing individual fandoms on Mondays and giving our readers the tools to jump right in and start enjoying them too. To start off, I’d like to introduce one of my favorite fandoms, the Whedonverse. The Whedonverse is a catch all term for […]

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27 Apr 2010

Time Waster Tuesday: Settlers of Catan

Little change of pace this Tuesday. Instead of explaining a game that merely involves thought as in previous entries, this will be a review of a fairly well established board game. Still, it is a great time waster, and something I suggest you pursue if you are willing to try a bit of group time […]

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