14 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Greenland

Geeking out in Greenland is all about nature. I’m sure you can find some geeky locals to direct you to the comic book store, but today we are talking about three fascinating natural wonders.

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13 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Russia

I’m fascinated by Russia. I took a Russian class just to learn to read Cyrillic. I always had a slight obsessions with Matryoshka dolls, you know those Russian nesting dolls, but I never knew Russia was full of geeks just like you and me.

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11 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Michigan

One time, I got stuck in Detroit after a travel horror story, but other than that my experience with the state of Michigan is pretty much all vicarious, and asking people where on the hand they live. Don’t you worry, though, because it seems to be stuffed with ways to get your geek on.

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10 Jul 2013

My Favorite Travel Sites

When I’m planning a trip, I like to do everything online: from research, to organization, to actually booking the trip. Luckily, with so many awesome travel sites I never have to worry about making phone calls to hotels or tourist stops!

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9 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: South Carolina

Oh, South Carolina – the beginning of the homestretch on our childhood road trips down to Florida. We only ever stopped at South of the Border, but luckily there are cooler things to see in this southern state.

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5 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico – the first of the US territories we’re going tackle on the blog this summer as we search for their geeky sides. I started with Puerto Rico because of the board game, which is pretty fun, but I discovered a lot about the culture of the little Carribbean gem.

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3 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Nebraska

I know one thing about Nebraska: I never died of dysentary before getting to Chimney Rock on the Oregon Trail. However, they surprised me (this is starting to be a trend) with how much geek-punch those Cornhuskers pack.

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1 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Delaware

Growing up with road trips from ┬áNew Jersey to Florida, Delaware was always the state that “if you blink, you’ll miss it.” But don’t blink (Don’t even blink!) past Delaware, because it has got some geeky things you’ve gotta see.

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27 Jun 2013

10 Cool Accommodations: USA Edition

Sometimes your hotel is just a place to sleep and keep your bag while exploring a new city. However, if you want it to be more than that, I’ve gathered up a few awesome accommodations in which you can rest your head in style. Jules’ Undersea Lodge Literally sleep with the fishes at this hotel […]

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27 Jun 2013

Summer Road Trip: Utah

I’ve never been to Utah, but the level of geek in this state straight up shocked me. This place has got conventions galore and tons to see and do. Get your geek flag ready, because you’re going to be waving it all over Utah.

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