17 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: South Africa

There is more geeking out going on in South Africa than I ever imagined. Usually when I start these posts, I run a quick search for the country and geek, just to see what comes up. Usually, it’s a bust. However, with South Africa, I hit the hidden geek goldmine. Conventions & Blogs Let’s start […]

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15 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Iowa

Guys, I knew literally nothing about Iowa aside from it’s importance in politics before I started writing this post. However, I’ve learned that Iowa has more for geeks than just corn and caucuses, so let’s check some of it out.

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13 Aug 2013

Summer Road Tip: Idaho

Idaho is full of beautiful, natural things to see. It’s also got some indoor attractions for your more techie types. Basically, Idaho has a little something for everyone, so let’s explore it!

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9 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Illinois

Illinois in right at the top of my to-visit list. I mean you can act out the Blues Brothers, learn about the childhood of Abe Lincoln, and sit on the shores of Lake Michigan. Who wouldn’t want to go hang out there? So let’s just dive right into the details of the Prairie State.

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7 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Connecticut

Oh Connecticut, the edge of New England. But The Nutmeg State isn’t just full of Ye Olde Shoppes. Instead, you can find quite the array of geeky places to visit in this little northeastern state. Let’s check ’em out.

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5 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Hawaii

Volcanoes.┬áThat’s what we’re talking about when it comes to being geeky in Hawaii. Sure there’s plenty of other things to do and see – gorgeous nature, a historical culture – but let’s be real: volcanoes are just cool.

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3 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: New Zealand

Geeks are familiar with today’s international destination – at least visually! Come on, even if you haven’t hopped a flight, you feel like you’ve been to New Zealand because you have visited it’s gorgeous sights through the Lord of the Rings movies and The Hobbit. But that’s not all this Kiwi country has to offer […]

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1 Aug 2013

Summer Road Trip: Louisiana

My knowledge of today’s state comes nearly exclusively from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog and Port Orleans Resort, but that’s okay. I feel like you can’t talk about Louisiana without digging into the food, and that’s what I’m geeking over today. Creole, gumbo, crawfish, and beignets – oh my gosh. Let’s move to Louisiana, […]

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30 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Washington DC

As Rosalind mentioned the other day, we have been on some real adventures. One of the places I was visiting last week? Well, I was geeking out in our nation’s capital: Washington DC. Now, while I’m sure there’s a lot of geekery to be had in the district, today we’re all about Smithsonians.

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21 Jul 2013

Summer Road Trip: Singapore

If you’re going to be a geek in a country other than the US, it might as well be Singapore. This Asian Island is full of technology and geek culture that is familiar to us Americans, and I’m sure you’ll find some awesome things to check out.

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