Random nerdy thoughts that I have had this week:

So, the husband is playing Cuphead. I watched it for two minutes and noted that it is essentially an old Mickey Mouse cartoon only with cups. I am not necessarily against this. However, that dragon is a bitch and I would not be good at this game.

My problem where I want to slap Danny Rand and yell “stop being a dumbass” apparently continues info defenders. Fortunately, I now have Jessica Jones to be the one to essentially do that to dumb people, so I guess it’s even.

Gert’s parents in Runaways are just so cute and nerdy. We are on episode 8 and I think I’ve finally learned all the kids names. I’m always bad at names. I tend to just give characters descriptions or use previous characters for them. Like Spike, Spike is in Runaways. He’s the preppy boy’s father.

I wonder if dogs hibernate. I’m pretty sure my pug has decided to sleep through this Arctic insanity. It’s almost 9am and he’s still curled up on the couch.

He’s so cute and squishy when he’s sleepy!

Why is there no Leia figure in the current last Jedi sets? Seriously, someone get on that. I think it should include the bridge of the resistance ship from Last Jedi and Poe.

Fresh off the Boat says that the X-Files is a “great romantic scifi mystery” – yeah, I can see that. Also, the X-Files is back and I’m super excited!

I’m going to teach a cooking class for STEM college students including pH balance of sauces and denaturation of proteins in beef – science and life skills, love it!

Watching In Bob We Trust tear apart Batman v Superman is surprisingly cathartic. Although he takes quite a circuitous route to get there, the whole did Synder ever get Watchmen thing really made sense.

The Watchman stuff is in part three, but start from the beginning!

Mei in Overwatch is super adorable, and I’m sad that a whole bunch of adorable Mei’s will no longer be hunting down Yeti Winston.

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