**I am not trying to, but I may spoil both The Room and The Disaster Artist. Be aware.**

Franco as Tommy pets a pug.

The pug is the best part of both movies.

A few months ago, a friend of mine who is known for bad movie nights invited us over to watch The Room. Yes, somehow, up until this point, I had never seen or even heard of The Room. I’m busy, it happens.

Anyway, it was, as advertised, a bad movie. The first half hour might as well be a softcore porn movie, except that I don’t really want to stare at Tommy Wiseau’s butt. In fact, of the three (yes, three!) sex scenes in the beginning of the movie – two of them use essentially the same footage. From there, it just get stranger and stranger. There’s the guy who might be a kid but you can’t really tell if he’s a kid and who might have a crush on the main chick. There’s the random couple who has sex in their friend’s house just for … fun? There’s some seriously bad acting by, well, almost everyone. Also, there is way, way, way too much bad football throwing.

Tommy holds a football.

Srsly with the football!

Was it bad – yeah, definitely. Worst movie I’ve ever seen? Not really, I’ve watched some bad, bad movies (let’s talk Birdemic). Did I want to watch it again? No, not really. There was way too much boring sex, and it simply didn’t make enough sense. I’d tell others to watch it, but I certainly had no interest in watching it again. It wasn’t that kind of bad movie (that would be Killer Klowns – still stupidly great every time!).

So, then, the same friend shows us the trailer for The Disaster Artist. Someone made a movie about making this stupid movie! Sounded like a great idea to me. I love Ed Wood, and this was pretty much the same idea. So, last week, I finally got to see The Disaster Artist, and I will say, it lived up to my expectations, however, I’ll let you know they weren’t terribly high!

Greg and Tommy sit in the premiere, a scene from the Disaster Artist

The Franco brothers!

First of all, the good stuff. James Franco does a fantastic job. He embodies Tommy Wiseau (as much as he can figure out about him) in every way and falls completely into the role. That’s tough for Franco. He’s one of those actors that always seems to be playing a version of himself, so losing him and seeing only Tommy was great. I also love Seth Rogen in his role as Script Supervisor. In many ways, Rogen is the “audience insert” in that he points out all the strange and crazy things from The Room as they are filming it that you were wondering when you were watching it. I spent most of the time that he was on screen going, “Yes, that!” in my head at him. They also clearly made a great, pretty dead-on version of The Room in the Disaster Artist with the actors. The clips at the end where they match up the movie bits are completely worth watching. Everyone was able to replicate the acting, movements, and tones of the scenes perfectly.

Cast of the disaster artist make odd faces

These are all faces I made during The Room

Now, the meh stuff. This is clearly being done from the point of view of trying to “humanize” Tommy Wiseau through the eyes of his friend and co-star in The Room, Greg Sestero. Because of that, if you try to think at all about the story and the connections between Greg and Tommy, it kind of falls apart. I have to wonder if Greg was really Tommy’s friend or being manipulated by Tommy who was essentially providing him room and board, or if he was manipulating Tommy to try and get ahead. The relationship between Greg and Tommy is all over the place, and Greg’s motivations just don’t make sense sometimes. I know that this is also based on the book written by the real Greg about it all, which I really want to read, but since Tommy and Greg are currently friends and working together, I have to wonder how rose-colored it ended up being. I enjoyed this movie, but I really had to shut down the part of my brain that wants to slap the characters in the face and go, “Why are you such an idiot!”


Would I watch The Disaster Artist again? Maybe. I’m more likely to watch that than The Room, for sure, but I’m not drawn to go right out again with more friends or something. I got what I wanted out of the Disaster Artist – a movie that approximated the insanity that had to be going through the heads of the people making a movie like The Room. That’s what I wanted, and that’s what I got.

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