I’m a busy person. Crazy busy. So, even though we’d been talking about Halloween for months, I had no idea what I was going to do for a costume. It didn’t help that we were holding the part at our place, so I spent a large portion of the day cleaning and prepping. 


mummy pug

Last minute mummy pug!

So, I finally decided to see if I had clothes in my closet that would match up with anything cool. Turns out that my DC comic television show costume system is pretty decent.


Caitlyn Snow

Caitlyn always looks sharp in Star Labs!

First, I thought that perhaps I could do Caitlyn Snow from The Flash. I’ll agree that it’s a cop out costume, because she only wears regular clothes, but she does have a particular look. Caitlyn is all about the sleek business look with patterns. I happen to have a black pencil skirt and a striped tight, nice shirt that would have worked, however, I kept looking. My next thought was Felicity from Arrow. She still wears real clothes, but she tends more toward solid colored dresses. Also, Felicity and I both have glasses, and Caitlyn does not. I did have a nice purple dress that would exist in her wardrobe, but I still thought it was a cop out.


Felicity Smoak

I want most of Felicity’s wardrobe!

So, I got more intense. I considered Laurel as the canary from Arrow, since she essentially wears skintight black clothes and a mask. I’m sure I could have created a mask out of something. Somewhere, I even think I have a long blond wig, since my brown hair isn’t quite the Canary’s color. 


The Canary

Somewhere I even have the black lipstick!

As I was considering this concept, I was sifting through my closet and found a pair of red pants that I had forgotten that I own. That’s when I got it! I grabbed my longer black duster and a black shirt and put introvert the red pants, found myself a pair of knee high boots, and grabbed a hooded winter face mask. The winning closet costume for Halloween would be Nyssa Al Ghul, daughter of the demon.


She’s a ninja badass!

Not bad for 2pm on Halloween afternoon! 

What did you all dress up as? Any good last minute choices?

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