Who is excited that the X-Files is coming back!?

Oh, oh, oh, me! I am!


I’ve been an X-Files fan since at least the mid-90s. I can’t remember when exactly I started watching or how I got into it, but by my freshman year of high school (1996) it was definitely an important part of my life. In fact, my first boyfriend was also an X-Files fan, and I borrowed some of his X-Files tapes (yes, VHS) and then we broke up and I never gave them back. If people called me on Sunday nights in high school, I would answer the phone with “I’m sorry, but you have dared to call in the middle of the X-Files. This call will be terminated in 3 … 2 … 1.”

I was a little crazy.



Mulder and Scully meeting for the first time!

My husband is also an X-Files fan. In fact, he went ahead and explained the whole mythology to you from his childhood notes in case you never quite sorted it all out. He watched the entire series about once a year, and I catch most of it along with him (he works from home, I don’t).

Yesterday was our anniversary (8 years, wow!) and the X-Files decided to give us an anniversary gift by starting a super-awesome countdown of 201 days and 202 episodes (that’s about one per day!) to the new series in January.

So, I figured I’d go ahead and talk a bit about my favorite X-Files things.

The "geek"

The “geek”

My favorite episode of the show is Humbug. In that episode, Mulder and Scully visit a town full of folks who worked the side-show circuit of circus shows. This includes a variety of mutated folks, a dwarf, a man who eats anything, and a a body manipulator (he pokes sharp objects into his head and lays on nails). In fact, I wrote a paper in High School about Brave New World, and I quoted Humbug’s line “nature abhors normality.”

My favorite recurring character was CGB Spender, a.k.a., the Cigarette-Smoking Man (at least, that’s what my father and I called him). I love things that seem random and coincidental, but turn out to be part of an elaborate plan, and that was pretty much his whole identity – fixing the world so that nothing happened randomly. I hear he’s coming back, but it better be in flashback because (spoiler alert) he blew up pretty effectively at the end of the show.


The Man with his Morleys!

My favorite creature is the Jersey Devil, because I’m from Jersey. Also, it’s an interesting take on the concept of human socialization and natural skills, since it turns out that the Jersey Devil is (more spoilers) just people.

I was not necessarily a Mulder-Scully shipper, but I also wasn’t necessarily against the idea, so I was fine when it happened. Although, sometimes it still seems a bit odd when watching old episodes that they got together.

So, I’m counting down and watching lots of X-Files (mostly on HuluPlus because they are in HD with no commercials!) and excited for January. Who’s with me?

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