I got halfway through DiGiWriMo, which for me is not half bad! November is a tough month.

Anyway, new year, new posts!

So, today I am wearing my “Science, The Musical” T-shirt.


I love it, but it has a few issues. First of all, it’s more “Physics, The Musical” than Science and it’s all men. So, I figure that I’ll cast my version of “Biology, The Musical” and maybe someday someone can make it!


1. Charles Darwin – because you kind of have to. The entire premise of biology is built upon the concept of evolution and natural selection. Without Darwin, there’s not much biology. He can take Galileo’s spot, except that he’d be on The Beagle floating along with a finch on his outstretched hand.


2. Louis Pasteur – As a microbiologist, I can’t ignore the person who essentially discovered germs, or at least formed the theory of their existence. Pasteur also fought down the concept of spontaneous generation and discovered how vaccination could work. He should be where Tyson is with a swan-necked flask in his hand


3. Barbara McClintock – she earned her own Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for the discovery of genes that jump around and also discovered a variety of important functions of genes and chromosomes. She can be in Sagan’s spot with a piece of multicolored maize.

Picture from archives Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida. Mark T. Brown, Director

Picture from archives Center for Environmental Policy, University of Florida. Mark T. Brown, Director

4. Howard T. Odum – I’m also an ecologist, and so I shall include a person who essentially defined ecosystem ecology. Odum was a pioneer in ecology, energetics, and systems theory. I also think that behind Howard Odum, Eugene Odum, his brother and the man who defined the field of ecoloy, would have his head popping out!


5. Rosalind Franklin – I can’t forget my namesake! Plus, she’s really the reason that the structure of DNA was discovered. She can be in Newton’s place on the kickline with her picture of the crystalline structure of DNA held out where the apple is.

There. Those are my pics for Biology, The Musical. What do you think?


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