I will be seeing people at PAX East again this year, along with my Strategic Gaming Club!

PAX East Show Floor 2014

We actually got quite lucky in picking up tickets this year. I had a whole plan with student minions at my beck and call to jump on line and get in queue for PAX East tickets. Last year, I did it all by myself but still managed to plan effectively and pick up 15 three day passes and 5 days worth of singles, although our hotel was two miles away. I really figured that we would do better this year with my minions set to go when I got the word that the tickets would be going on sale in the near future.

Well, this year there was no word, just an immediate announcement that tickets were on sale NOW! At least I get the twitter notifications on my cell phone or I may have never known. Still, I had just gotten home and checked my phone, and there it was, 90 minutes late, and I immediately grabbed my computer and went looking for tickets. The three-day tickets were already out, but the single days were still available. I had no time to call on my minions, I had to go all on my own right then and there.

My crew of students ready for a day at PAX!

I came through with 20 single day tickets for each day, and a hotel less than a mile and a half from the BCEC and right near South Station. I’m happy, they are thrilled, and I get to introduce a whole new group of students to the awesomeness that is PAX.

My students have done very well at PAX before. Some of them have met local and indie developers and gotten jobs and made connections for after graduation. Last year, we got to play Cards Against Humanity with one of the creators of the game. My students have met cosplayers and youtubers that they knew from online. We even ran into the person who was the founded of our club at our school at PAX last year.

My student with the Cards Against Humanity guys

I still go for mostly the tabletop gaming and the concerts. Love me some MC Frontalot, so I hope to be able to introduce some students to him (and Brandon Patton!) again this year!

Anyone else going to PAX East I should be watching for?

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