Sometimes, I have the coolest job ever. You see, I am a community college professor, and as part of that job, I am asked to be the advisor to two clubs on campus. Here is my piece of advice for any future college professors out there: Find the clubs that you would have joined as a student and advise them!

Yeah, I hang out with this crew of insanity!

One of my clubs is the Strategic Gaming Club. They play All. The. Games. In fact, historically, my school had two clubs, a Strategic Gaming Club which was mostly Magic: The Gathering players and an Electronic Gaming Club for video game players. We decided to merge the two clubs about the time that I got involved in being the advisor. Since then, we’ve expanded to include an internal League of Legends club through Riot Games, and we also started going Paintballing (because it’s an IRL FPS) and thus figured that the Paintball Club should also be part of Strategic Gaming.

Since I started advising this club, I’ve also expanded their horizons in the tabletop gaming area to include many more board games of various types. One of the things that I do as part of my club advising duties is bring different board games and play them with people. This helps me get tenure. Have I mentioned that I have the coolest job ever? Tomorrow, I am going to play my biology themed PowerPlant board game with both my biology students and my gamers!

That's the game I created:  PowerPlant

That’s the game I created: PowerPlant

My second club is called Otaku Haven, and they are the school’s anime club. How I became their advisor is an interesting story. One of their members had me in class and knew of me from gaming club. So, a few of them showed up in my office one day, and said that their old advisor was unavailable and could I be their advisor. I thought about it for a moment, and then I said, “Well, I’m possibly the only full-time faculty member on campus who actually knows what the name of your club means, so I should probably be your advisor.”

I found my Otakus a theme song by M.C. Frontalot. Tonight, I swung by their meeting where they voted to watch Pyscho-Pass. That’s what my club does, they watch crazy anime. I may have to bring my Vampire Hunter D sometime and show them some of my favorite stuff. I also suggested Persona 4. During most school days, both of my clubs congregate together in the corner of the open cafeteria area. I sometimes drop by to say hello, since I know where they will be!

So, for part of of my job, I play games and watch anime. Yeah, it’s definitely the coolest. What clubs were you a part of in college?

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