I’ve decided to participate in #digiwrimo, which is a digital writing version of nanowrimo. I have no interest in ever writing a novel, but I have a poor, neglected blog that could use some updates at times other than when I’m raising money for children (not that Extra Life isn’t a great cause!). So, here we go with Day 1!

Arrow and Flash

My CW Superheroes!

I really like the DC shows on the CW. I started watching Arrow from the beginning. I’m not even sure why I started. The only other thing I watch on the CW is Supernatural, and, I mean, it’s my favorite current show, but I knew that the rest of the CW is mostly teenage romance stuff that I generally¬†kind of hate. Still, Arrow sounded pretty cool: a comic superhero that shoots a bow and arrow? Yeah, I’m in.

Arrow got off to a pretty good start. Oliver Queen was cute, and both self-assured and angst-y in exactly the right way (you know, kind of like the Winchester brothers!). There were effective action sequences. Diggle was a fantastic actor and character, and both Felicity and Laurel were smart, interesting women. I really enjoyed that first season, and then also the second. I haven’t watched any yet this season so no spoilers!

Oliver Queen

He’s so pretty and so sad!

Anyway, so, now we’ve had the first Arrow spin-off: The Flash. I have watched Arrow by myself, my husband was not interested in it. Apparently, though, The Flash is worth us setting the DVR and watching together. I gotta say, DC may not have their movie universe in anything close to a reasonable form, but whoever is in charge of these two TV shows is pretty impressive. The did a fantastic job of introducing us to the character, telling the origin story, and getting Barry hooked up with a team. Also, the Flash has Jesse L. Martin. So, I’m a RENT fanatic (maybe I’ll make that another post this month!), and I saw Jesse L. Martin as Collins on Broadway back in the day. I also watched his run on Law and Order and Smash. Anyway, I love him, so that just adds even more value to the show.

Another thing that I appreciate about The Flash was that they didn’t leave him hanging having to keep his secret for too long. That always causes trouble in secret identity shows. Too many coincidences, too many obvious things that people ignore, too many smart people acting dumb, and other things tend to happen when secret identities remain secret from too many people for too long. Grimm had this problem in the first season and a half before they finally told enough secondary characters to make the show interesting. Even Arrow took most of the first season before getting the team together. The Flash told everyone important within two episodes, so now things actually make sense.

Jesse L Martin

Jesse L Martin

Anyway, so that’s my first real post back in ages. I’ll be here tomorrow with more babble about something geeky. If you have suggestions for topics, please leave me a comment!

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