There is more geeking out going on in South Africa than I ever imagined. Usually when I start these posts, I run a quick search for the country and geek, just to see what comes up. Usually, it’s a bust. However, with South Africa, I hit the hidden geek goldmine.

Conventions & Blogs


Blyde River Canyon.
Thanks Martijn on Flickr.

Let’s start with conventions, shall we? This country has them in buckets, especially for gamers: be sure to visit during April and stop at Upcon, which has a variety of trading cards, anime, and cosplay.

At the end of July is Icon in Johannesburg, South Africa’s biggest con, which used to be known as GenCon SA (so you know it rocks!) with tons of tabletop and video gaming, as well as roleplay, anime screenings, and cosplay competitions.

At the beginning of August, follow Icon with Dragonfire, a huge wargaming and roleplay competition. In October, rAge brings a huge technology and gaming expo to the Rainbow Nation.

If you want to know more about smaller gaming meet-ups, or just random geeky happenings all over the Cape area and beyond, be sure to read up on SA’s many geeky blogs and groups like: the South African Gaming Community, the Cape Legion of Adventurers and Wargamers, the Great Geek Collective, and Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa.

Animals & Nature


Elephant at Kruger National Park.
Thanks billandkent on Flickr.

Food & Culture


A South African Wine Country.
Thanks moron noodle on Flickr.

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