Guys, I knew literally nothing about Iowa aside from it’s importance in politics before I started writing this post. However, I’ve learned that Iowa has more for geeks than just corn and caucuses, so let’s check some of it out.

Pop Culture References

All right, we know all you geeks are into your pop culture, and Iowa has got you covered. Let’s start with some classic geek trivia: James T. Kirk will be born in Riverside just over 200 years from now.

Field of Dreams. Thanks on Flickr.

Field of Dreams.
Thanks Wednesday Elf on Flickr.

For you movie buffs, check out where some classics were filmed: You can visit the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, or check out the Twister house in Eldora.

Music geeks, take your picture with a giant pair of Buddy Holly’s glasses and sing some American Pie when you visit his crash site in Clear Lake. And for you art geeks, be sure to pose in front of the house in American Gothic.

Natural and Supernatural

Iowa has no shortage of places for you to visit if you’re into the natural science, and a little bit for you supernatural fans as well. Let’s start with the living and check out the Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge. Here you can see prairie flora and fauna such as bison.

Bison at the wildlife refuge. Thanks on Flickr.

Bison at the wildlife refuge.
Thanks US Fish and Wildlife Service on Flickr.

For space fans, be sure not to miss the location of a meteorite impact in Estherville. This is the site of the largest meteorite to fall to North America, and you can see pieces of it in the Estherville public library.

Moving on to the supernatural, visit the haunted Humboldt County Historical Museum for your ghost fix. During the say it’s a normal musuem, but if you’re around at night, look for flickering lights in the building. Outside, be sure to ask the magic 8-ball sign a question.

History and Heritage

Last but not least, especially for you geeks into culture and historical sights, we’ve got plenty for you to see in Iowa as well. Transportation fan? Be sure to stop by the Union Pacific Railroad Museum to learn all about trains and how we connected America.

Tractor from the John Deere factory. Thanks on Flickr.

Tractor from the John Deere factory.
Thanks Zooey_ on Flickr.

If you need to get your factory tour fix, learn all about how tractors are designed and assembled when you visit the John Deere factory in Waterloo. There are two tours, one to learn about tractors and the other for engines. Learn about even more farm equipment in Ankeny.

Time travel back to the nineteenth century when you visit the Amana Heritage Museum, which features working buildings from the 1800s including  a blacksmith shop, a communal kitchen, and a general store.




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