One of the things that Disney talks about all the time is Disney Magic. Disney Magic is what makes Disney amazing. Disney magic has a few components to it. The main one of these is that Disney is extremely careful not to break their illusions. When you are visiting Disney, you are on stage, and the cast takes care to keep their stage presence consistent. Another aspect of Disney Magic, however, is that you never know when something cool and amazing is going to happen. Disney cast members keep an eye out for times and places when they can create a little magic for a guest.

EPCOT’s dancing fountain makes magic happen to music!

We go to Disney a lot. For example, I was there in February, November, and September, and will be returning in April for Gardella’s bachelorette party. Our family isn’t really looking for Disney Magic. We know how it works. We’ve seen in, out, and below the parks. We have a few family friends who are cast members or have done the Disney College program. We’ve even experienced just a little Disney Magic ourselves. Ask Dawn sometime about how she got to be the Jungle Cruise Skipper. We’ve gotten on multiple rides with no wait just by showing off our mad Disney skills, including rattling off the Seven Dwarves in record time (the trick is to group them by similar starting letters).

Some hidden Mickey magic in the mural

Still, the point is that we don’t need Disney Magic, but we’ve learned that we can still be part of it by helping to create Disney Magic for others. In fact, we’ve been doing that for a long time. When we were little, it was a secret that sometimes you could ride up in the front of the monorail (a practice that is now discontinued). We knew the secret, being Disney fanatics, and sometimes when there were only a few of us, we’d look around for a party of 2-3, preferably with small children, and ask them to join us on the adventure. Sure, it was a fun ride, even the 10th time, but it was a better ride going with someone who was doing it for the first time.

Disney magic lets us be kids. Once, Dawn’s picture was even the drawing of the day!

We still help create Disney Magic. When I didn’t make American Idol the first time, I got these great fastpasses to bypass the lines, but by the time I could use them, there were only two of us and the passes were for four. So, we watched people get in the 90 minute stand-by line until we saw a party of 2 and invited them along with us. Once, we got Disney newbies who didn’t even know fastpasses existed! On our February trip, we ended up booking a reservation for 8 people, but by the time we got to dinner, it was just me and Dad. So, we watched for a family looking to eat, and found some new friends, with two children, to have dinner with us. This was at the brand spanking new Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, and it’s incredibly hard to get into.

Disney magic has been known to make champagne and dessert appear for anniversaries and birthdays

I love to make magic happen. In fact, I love it so much that I don’t need to wait for Disney to see it in action. I’ve always got my eyes and ears open to what someone around me might need that I can help with. I also try to get others involved in any special events I’m taking part in. I’m a social extrovert who is great at making cool things happen, so I figure it’s only fair that I pull along one or more of my quieter, more introverted friends into anything I can do. You don’t need Disney to make magic happen. Sometimes all you need is faith, trust, and pixie dust … oh wait, that’s for flying! I mean, all you need is a good attitude and an interest in others. Disney makes things seem like magic because they care about what their guests experience. If you care about those around you, you can make magic happen too!

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