I’m kind of glad March is over, now if it would just take the snow with it. Still, some cool stuff happened this month, so let me tell you all about the things you may have missed!


Veronica Mars
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Kickstarter history was made when a Veronica Mars movie was funded in less than a day! The original amount was $2 million, and it’s actually still increasing and currently is right around 4.3 million.

Oz, The Great and Powerful finally hit theaters, and it was fun to watch. Although, even with being a little L. Frank Baum obsessed, it wasn’t great. It was definitely pretty and the way they interpreted the story was interesting. Check out my husband’s new podcast for commentary on Oz and more.

Wreck it Ralph On Amazon

Wreck it Ralph
On Amazon

If you haven’t gotten your DVD/Blu-ray copies of Wreck-It Ralph and Les Miserables, get on that, they were both released! I can’t wait to watch Les Mis over and over again like I did with the 10th Anniversary stage version when I was younger.

Everyone had a fabulous Pi Day and Dawn wrote about some historical geeks involved with pi. The Ides of March didn’t seem too terrible, and St. Paddy’s day was generally amusing.

PAX was PAX. It was wonderful. It was home. If you missed it, VGO brought their A-game, check out this amazing Megaman piano solo!

Doctor Who is back today and the mystery behind Clara Oswin continues. There also may or may not be some big news about the 11th Doctor. What do you think?

Netflix ordered 10 episodes of a new show called Sense8 that is a combined effort between the Wachowski siblings and, my personal favorite scifi television series writer and producer, J. Michael Straczynski. The show is going to deal with the ideas of the dual sides of technology: good and bad. It should be interesting. I’m excited. Of course, I’m also a crazed Babylon 5 fan.

March Quick Hits

  • 1: Dirk Benedict, the original Starbucks, turned 68
  • 3: Scotty, James Doohan, would have been 93
  • 4: in 2000 the Playstation 2 was introduced in Japan
  • 7: in 1986 Highlander was released
  • 10: Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiered in 1997
  • 11: Douglas Adams would have been 61
  • 13: Evil Dead 2 was released in 1987
  • 14: pi day and Albert Einstein’s 134th birthday
  • 16: Alan Tudyk of Firefly turned 42
  • 20: John de Lancie of Star Trek turned 65
  • 21: the first tweet was sent in 2006
  • 22: William Shatner turned 81
  • 24: in 2009 the final episode of Battlestar Galactica divided fans (I loved it)
  • 25: Tolkien reading day! Did you read about Middle Earth?
  • 26: Leonard Nimoy turned 81
  • 26: PAX East premiered in Boston in 2010
  • 27: Nathan Fillion turned 42
  • 28: we conceived the idea for this blog at PAX East in 2010
  • 31: The Matrix was released in 1999

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