I barely remember playing today’s game, but I know I did all the time as a child. It’s such a throwback, I don’t expect any one of you to have used this great tool. However, without it, it’s hard to say if any of us would be the writers we are today. Thanks Storybook Weaver!


Screencaps by Me

The Main Idea

This was my go-to game for a brief period of time as a kid. Basically, Storybook Weaver lets you write and illustrate a story. That’s it – pretty simple. Some would say this is less of a game and more of a story-telling tool. I would probably agree with that.

As a kid, I used this program as my main writing tool. I had tons of stories utilizing their scenery and clip art graphics. You can even change the clothing and skin color of the people, making consistent characters throughout.


Why It Rocks

I’m pretty sure this game set up my future love for sandbox environments and using games as story creating devices. Without a childhood of Storybook Weaver, I probably never would have written stories in The Sims franchise games or Minecraft. Who knows, maybe UI would never even started to write this blog!

In addition, Storybook Weaver made it cool to write. Whne you’re a kid, writing is this thing you do for school, to get a grade. But I had a computer game that I could use to tell my stories. While I was writing the stories myself, sometimes the in-game graphics inspired me.


How To Play
Like most of our throwbacks, you can find and download this game. Because it’s old enough, you’ll need DOSbox or another DOS system to play the game on your current computer. Once you’ve got that set up, you can download the game from MyAbandonware. Unfortunately  it was a little buggy and I couldn’t get many of the features to work. Hopefully you’ll have better luck!

Have fun writing stories with this tool, and let us know if you come up with anything great!

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