Once a month we give ourselves complete free reign over our blog post. It doesn’t have to fit into any of our predetermined categories, and instead is a place for us to rant, rave, or just talk to our readers. So I’m going to rant to you about a problem I have.

I love starting projects. I have hundreds if not thousands of them littering my the desktop of both my home computer and my laptop. I have a hard drive full of projects that I’ve started – writing pieces including fictional stories and essays, website designs for blogs and personal sites, page layouts for books and magazines.

From back in the day when I used to use a paper planner

From back in the day when I used to use a paper planner

The problem is that none of these ever get finished.

Yep, I’m one of those people who constantly picks up side projects for my own enjoyment and then trashes them when they lose their appeal. I can drop a project for many reasons:

1. I’m bored with it.
2. I need a change of pace.
3. I’ve started a new project.

cruise and planner1 066

Before …


… After

So, it’s pretty much a miracle that this blog has been running as long as it has. We’re going on three years! Can you believe that? I certainly can’t, considering how many side blogs I’ve started in the last three years that have gone nowhere.

However, not everything I do disappears into a void. I like having a lot of these projects to fall back on. I get into kicks, and it’s nice to not need to start anew each time that happens.

So maybe one of these days I’ll write that novel, or run one of my side blogs for more than two months. Maybe I’ll finish my portfolio website design, the RPG I’m writing, or my Sims legacy family. Or maybe I won’t.

planner020209 009

This was the last day I ever used this planner. That lasted long.

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