Back in the day, when I was about 12, I was a bowler. Actually, the family was in a parent/child bowling league. I was on a team with Dad, Gardella with mom, and Dawn was too little so she sat in the back with toys. I averaged about 145 and my high game was 220. That’s really not important. What is important is that after bowling, we’d go home and watch Seaquest DSV. I was in love with this show, and since it only played from 1993-1996, it is my throwback choice.

Captain Bridger and his beautiful boat

Captain Bridger and his beautiful boat


The Basics

Seaquest was about a huge submarine and the people who lived and worked on it. The year was 2018 (getting awfully close!) and a large portion of people had moved beneath the ocean because many of Earth’s resources were nearly used up. The Seaquest was run by the Navy, and its missions included scientific adventures, negotiations, and the occasional battle. In the second season, they also got deep into some of the more interesting future-oriented ideas when then delved into a population of genetically engineering humans, but then they also found aliens beneath the ocean.

Can you see why I was in love ... when I was 12

Can you see why I was in love … when I was 12


Best Cast Ever

Seriously, I’m amazed that the show had so much trouble because the people involved were amazing. Roy Scheider was Captain Nathan Bridger, and he liked the water far better than he did in Jaws. A very young and incredibly cute Jonathan Brandis was the requisite kid genius Lucas. Ted Raimi was one of the officers (before he was Joxer the Mighty!). In the second season, which is my favorite, both Peter and Michael DeLuise, who I knew from 21 Jump Street and geeks have seen on Stargate, joined the cast.

Also, everyone’s favorite member of the cast wasn’t even a human! Darwin the dolphin was their local underwater hero. There were tubes of water throughout the ship so he could go almost anywhere. He talked too! Lucas created a vocorder that could translate the dolphin clicks into words that came out in a computerized voice. My husband still does the Darwin voice sometimes for fun.

Here you can hear Darwin talk!

Why I Loved It

Other than the aforementioned amazing cast, Seaquest was a very interesting and well done show in many respects. It dealt with the idea that humans had nearly ruined the world and had to focus on things like saving natural resources, which as a budding ecologist I appreciated. I also had a strong interest in marine science for a while as a kid, so being in the ocean and talking with dolphins was so cool. Lucas was not only cute, but had to deal with all the issues of being a boy genius, such as being smarter than the officers around him and growing up and figuring out his life.  Also, in season 2 they dealt a lot with issues of racism and prejudice with the genetically engineered Dagwood. Sure, they had some odd episodes in the second season when the network wanted them to do more science fiction stuff, but somewhere in there is a great show with a great commentary on society, which is what science fiction is meant to be.

Dagwood, a study on racism in the future

Dagwood, a study on racism in the future

Where to Catch Up

If, like me, you still love SeaQuest, you can buy the DVDs. I own Seasons 1-2 and we mostly ignore 3 when Scheider left. You can also watch all three seasons on Netflix.



  • I was so in love with this show and Jonathan Brandis! Absolute teenage crush. I had posters of him everywhere. It was such a good show. Its a shame he is no longer with us and the same for Roy Schneider. They use to make some great shows back in the 90s.

    Marie 20.Nov.2016 7:50 pm

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