The new Hobbit movie is marvelous, but this article isn’t about An Unexpected Journey. Instead, we’re taking you back in time to the version I grew up with. Maybe you remember this throwback: The Rankin/Bass animated Hobbit.

Screencaps from Black Gate

Screencaps from Black Gate

I grew up in a household of geeks, as I’m sure we’ve mentioned on this blog a number of times. (Have we told you stories about our geeky father? Oh we will.) One of the first books I remember reading was The Annotated Hobbit, a huge hardcover version of Tolkien’s story, complete with beautiful color illustrations. So needless to say, the knowledge of middle Earth was ingrained into my head at a fairly young age.


The Annotated Hobbit on Amazon

I don’t fully remember sitting down with the intention to watch the Rankin/Bass version, but Rosalind watched it probably hundreds of times during my childhood, and certain parts of the movie have a permanent place in my memory. For example, I know the answers to all of Gollum and Bilbo’s riddles, and the phrase “What’s it gots in its pocketses?” wasn’t uncommon to hear around our home.


Screencaps from Black Gate

If you haven’t had the chance, I suggest giving this version of the classic story a try. I couldn’t find a full version, but watch some of the videos for an idea. We used to sing all the songs, many of which you can find on Youtube, as children. If you like what you see, you can pick up a copy on Amazon for ten bucks on DVD (and it’s Prime eligible!).

That’s What Bilbo Baggins Hates


Fifteen Birds

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