My family is pretty super competitive. Therefore, every game we played became a race to see who could dominate the high-score boards. One of the games that I remember clearly from my childhood as one of the family favorites is this molecule connecting game: Chiral.

The Basics

Your job in Chiral is to build molecules from atoms. Each atom makes a specific number of connections with other atoms. Purple atoms need to make four connections (like carbon), green ones three (nitrogen), red two (oxygen), and blue only one (hydrogen). To complete a molecule, you connect atoms so that every open connection is filled. Typically, that means a bunch of connected atoms and a bunch of blues around the outside. Each level requires you to complete a certain number of atoms. There is limited board space, and if your molecule remains incomplete and there’s nowhere to put new atoms, the test tube fills up with atoms and you lose. There are special gray atoms that don’t tell you how many connections it makes and special things that can destroy molecules you simply can’t complete.

Check out this video of gameplay.

Why It’s Great

We were always a science oriented family, so playing with molecules was awesome. It’s also essentially a timed spatial-logic puzzle because you have to place the molecules in the right place to maximize connections and finish molecules. It’s good for the whole family and interesting for many ages. I mean, my father and I were vying for the high scores most of the time when I was about 15. Finally, the music was so funny and exciting! To this day I associate “Oh yeah” with this game.

That is one crazy molecule!

How You Can Play

Apparently, Mac users can still check this one out! I’ve found it for OS X and for older Mac OS. However, I couldn’t find a PC version, so unless I can convince my husband to download it, I’ll have to just watch the video and remember how awesome I was at this game.

This game is not going well.


  • Hi Rosalind,

    Just wanted to say thanks for writing about your experience with Chiral – I’m also a fan from back in the day, and I’m actually working on a reboot for iOS and Android devices that I hope to launch this summer if all goes well. I’ve set up up a site for it at – please check it out! The site’s not much to look at yet, but I’ll be posting more there as the game gets closer to completion. Please sign up for our announcement list and I’ll send you a beta invitation once the game gets closer to finished!

    Jason Schroeder 23.Jun.2015 2:26 pm

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