Most of us geeks have a number of different interests, and often they are quite varied. That’s something you certainly find here. That’s why I often like other blogs that have interesting intersections. Today, I’m going to feature Castles and Cooks, bloggers who hit a few of my major interests: fantasy, gaming, and cooking!

Basic Idea

The Castles and Cooks tagline is “Slaying Dragons and Hunger since 2010”. They cover a variety of topics including Magic: The Gathering, nerdy music videos, fantasy cocktails, and, of course, recipes! There are four of these “gamers who cook, cooks who game” on the site: Jesse, Tom, Colin, and Patrick all of which contribute various aspects to the posts.

Why I Love It

I could simply tell you that I love both cooking and gaming, but I’m pretty sure you already know that. One of the things I like about this site is that, like me, they are often thinking about the true intersection of the two. They’ve done Game of Thrones CocktailsFirefly donuts, and Katniss’s favorite stew from the Hunger Games. They also have a selection of just delicious recipes, some of which come with stories! On a completely separate note, these guys are huge Magic players, and have lots of great information and previews of Magic cards.

Game of Thrones drinking game anyone?

Read, Subscribe, and Follow

Castles and Cooks is pretty easy to find. You can also email them, follow them on twitter, or like them on facebook. You can also add their RSS to your favorite aggregator. Check them out the next time you need recipe ideas or Magic info: they can handle it all!


  • I love that Dragon goblet!

    Natasha 28.Jul.2012 4:55 pm

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