In my non-blogging life, I am an academic scientist. This means that I went to grad school, got a PhD, worked at universities in research jobs, and now I teach at a community college. Essentially, I’m never leaving academia. I’m okay with that. Since lots of geeks tend to be academic, I’ve noticed a pretty high number of teachers and grad students among us. Being a geek professor, I typically like to find out what’s happening in higher ed education through the internet, and, thus, I discovered the blog that is the perfect intersection of geeks and academics: Profhacker. It also has a counterpart Gradhacker for those of you still work toward those terminal degrees.

Basic Idea

Both Profhacker and Gradhacker mainly suggest ideas to hack education. They discuss various ways to improve your productivity. There are lots of reviews and suggestions for software and apps to make your life easier. There are suggestions for how to run classrooms or perhaps how to more efficiently grade papers. There are lots of great links to ideas on teaching pedagogy, digital humanities, and using technology in the classroom. Gradhacker talks about teaching from a grad student perspective, but also gives career hacks for things like going to conferences and writing.

Why I Love It

I love ways to hack my life. I’m constantly hunting for something new and different to try. I love ideas to improve productivity or apps to keep my sixteen thousand to-do lists organized. I also have a huge interest in teaching pedagogy and ways to improve higher education in an era where our students grew up looking things up on wikipedia on their smartphones. This is a place where when you say “twitter in the classroom” people don’t look at you like you have two heads.

Read, Subscribe, and Follow

Profhacker is an official blog at The Chronicle of Higher Education, which is a news outlet. You can find their RSS here. You can also follow Jason Jones @jbj, one of the Profhacker editors, on twitter. Interestingly enough, he is also a contributor to one of our other favorite sites GeekDad. Gradhacker is not associated with The Chronicle, but they were inspired by the format of Profhacker. They consider themselves to be a collaborative blog and you can find their RSS here. You can also check out their podcast and grad school bootcamps.

If you are interested in my geeky professor moments, you can check out my hashtag #geekprofessor and if you have other geek professors, let them know so we share in the insanity!

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