“Hey, this is weird. I ordered one frozen yogurt and they gave me two. You don’t happen to like frozen yogurt, do you?”

I love it!”

You’re kidding? What a crazy random happenstance!”

Sure, I judge things by their titles, we all do. Therefore, when you see something titled with a quote from Dr. Horrible, you have to at least give a try, right? Well, that just happens to be the case with a new podcast that is so amusing that it just had to be our Fun Thing this Friday!

Here are a few other tidbits about this particular podcast: as well as having an awesome title, it happens to be done by two friends of mine from high school: Joanna and Marc. They are from New Jersey (the home of awesome things like The Nerdy Bird, Kevin Smith, and Bruce Springsteen), specifically, near the real Jersey Shore (ignore the TV show, they aren’t even from NJ). I know Joanna and Marc from activities such as marching band (Marc was a rocking quad player), drama club, and choir. They were part of the crew that made high school bearable for me, and even 15 years later, their facebook updates still add humor to my life.

So, I asked Joanna to give you an introduction to their new and exciting adventure into podcasting:

Crazy Random Happenstance (CRH) is a conversational style podcast in which we plan to talk about anything and everything that we can find humor in, whether that be pop culture, news, or our own lives. We want people to feel like they’re overhearing an incredibly funny conversation happening in the diner booth behind them. The kind that you can’t ignore and that slowly makes its way into your own conversations as well. The actual term Crazy Random Happenstance comes from a film we love, Dr Horrible, and just seemed to fit that feel and the circumstances that brought the podcast about.
Marc and I are best friends, born in the 80s, who met when we were teenagers and have been going out of our way to make eachother crack up ever since. We both have day jobs Marc is a department head in retail I am a manager for a non-profit agency, but we’re always happiest when we’re expressing ourselves creatively. Marc and I have a background in improv and Marc did local theatre at one point but that was all a ways back and it’s been missed. We drama club geeks never quite lose that need to entertain. Marc got to the point where he decided he needed to just take a chance and do something creative and crazy and random. And he knew just the person to tap to do it with. I’d love to say the decision to do a podcast was a well thought out plan but it was essentially Marc asking me “Wanna do a podcast?” and me saying “Sure”. Two mics from Radio Shack and one Sunday later and we had our first episode. Over the years we tried projects together but nothing quite fit, but this technology just suits our tit for tat riff like style.  We love the rawness of it, the ability to capture what is uniquely you and put it out to the world without restriction or filtration, and to find its way to people that connect with what you do. That’s just in a word: awesome.
We both geek out for movies, tv, video games, and gadgets, though our tastes may vary. Marc’s a comic lover as well. My geekness comes out for cooking, karaoke, scrapbooking, and board games. I think geeks will dig CRH because we definitely have fun by bringing logic into situations where it is lacking. That unique obsessive, analytical, and dissective nature that is geeking out on something often leads to hilarity. It’s all about finding the ridiculousness in all the crazy random happenstances.

Thanks, Joanna! Keep an eye out, you may see Joanna around here giving us her geeky opinion on other things again. For right now, though, check out their site and their podcast and enjoy this crazy, random happenstance!

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