Today’s fun thing is a three way Venn diagram covering some of the my favorite things: science, music, and dinosaurs! I was that kid in grade school who was OBSESSED with dinosaurs. I had a whole book set on them and had a ton of facts memorized. I think in third grade I actually was the class dinosaur expert. I got the chance to experience an anthropological dig in middle school, though, and realized that I would never have the patience to be a paleontologist. I still like dinosaurs … and Dinosaur the ride at Walt Disney World: not our dino, but at least this one’s a vegetarian.

Anyway (it’s Friday, I ramble), the newest Symphony of Science is all about dinosaurs! Scientists, talking about dinosaurs, autotuned, and put to music. I LOVE it!

Here is your fun thing for Friday. The World of the Dinosaurs

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