You might recall that we like to play games, especially games that we make up. At a place like PAX, games are one of our favorite things. They are great for passing time, for meeting new friends, and for starting conversation. This year, we are trying something new: playing a game that others can join and will last throughout the three days of PAX. It’s something we’ve done before, at our favorite vacation place. We’re going to play PAX BINGO!

Thanks, Sara, for the Bingo card picture!

Here are the rules!

This is a full board bingo game. You have to fill every square to win. Unless specifically stated, you cannot use your own party or any other known game players to fill squares. Things have to be spotted or overheard of other PAX going people. Game starts when PAX starts Friday morning and ends either when someone wins or after the Omegathon with no winner. Here is our list of items to put on the bingo boards. There are more than one board’s worth of items so we should all have different boards. Make the middle slot on your board “See Gabe and Tycho” and then use whatever random choice skills you have to make the boards. We use excel.

Spot a Wild Celebrity (outside of their expected panel or concert)
PAX baby (has to be smaller than crawling age)
Someone wearing the same shirt (or cosplay character) as you (or someone in your immediate party)
Someone around you uses Pokemon speak in conversation
Spot Shepard – someone in an N7 hoodie or shirt or full cosplayNew game swag – a shirt, toy, object from a game that hasn’t come out yet
Wheaton’s law is spoken aloud (CANNOT be said by a celebrity)
Asked to specifically show PAX badge (by security)
Spot a previous year PAX shirt older than than one year (so PAXEast 2010 or Prime 2010 or before)

See a Wild Omegamaut (not at an omegathon event)

Experience PAX funk (you know it happens!)
Perform an Iron Guard with someone
Get a celebrity autograph
Hear someone quote a video gameSee someone in full costume cosplay
See a Magic, The Gathering game in line with three or more players
Take a picture with a cosplayer
Be involved in a game of trivia while waiting in line
See a blog personality (think Joystiq, Kotaku, Giant Bomb, GeekDad, GeekMom, etc)

See an abnormal dice (i.e., blow up D20 or something that lights up)
Spot the cookie brigade
See a group of 3 or more with coordinated costumes
See a one day Sunday pass
Hear a reference to an internet meme out loud

Khoo counts the lines
Someone gets turned away from a line to a full panel
Someone is taking a nap in line
See a TV camera filming

See a child in cosplay
Meet someone who has PAX trading cards
Play a new (to you) game (video or tabletop)
See someone with a 3DS or PSVita
Meet someone who traveled to PAX from another country (yes, Canada counts)
Meet someone who is at their very first PAX
Got any other ideas? Add them here! I won’t make my boards up until later, so we can collaborate. If you are coming to PAX, join us in the game! Also, this should be easy to alter for other cons like GenCon or ComicCon, so if you do that, just let us know and throw us a link, okay.
Okay, who’s in?


  • If anyone needs a first time PAX-er to fill out their board, I’m your girl! Just got my badges today! *is ridiculously excited*

    JayeEmm 23.Mar.2012 9:17 pm
  • Awesome! You’ll have to look for us to meet up!

    Girls Are Geeks 23.Mar.2012 9:41 pm

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